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Canadian Order Process

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Does anybody have any news on how Ford Canada is handling orders? It appears they aren't doing order waves like in the States. My dealer basically told me that he just put all the orders through together when he was told to. I have an order but no other indication on where I stand. I also know that my dealer had 86 orders all placed with mine and they have been issued 4 VINs so far.
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You can can check the status of your order here: https://shop.ford.ca/vehicleordertracking/
I don't have a VIN so it just says my number is invalid.
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Ask your dealer to send you a screen shot of the order in his system, when you get that you will see your order number and Vin number
There is a vin number if you placed your order, I did in Jan and the vin is assigned at that time. Trust me getting info from the dealership is like pulling teeth, just ask for this.
The order number should be 4 digits only.
This is all I got from them. It has an order code but no VIN. The dealer said specifically there is no VIN assigned to my order yet. I also have a vehicle purchase agreement with my deposit and price to pay on delivery.
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Yeah I got one of those too, I was very Leary about just getting that only so when I was at my dealer putting my down payment down ($2500.00) that when he said he would place the order, i wanted to see confirmation of the order.
He has a dealer screen that has every order he has placed on it. This is what you want to see. Ask for this. (I blacked out my vin and order number as well as the other orders on his screen)
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Ya. I am beginning to think that I don't have a legitimate order with ford but only my dealer. Not that I am being scammed or anything, just further away from getting a sexy electric truck than I hoped. I did enter into a contract with them for the price. If they can't get me a 2022 I hope they don't try to jam me with a price hike if the 2023s are more expensive.

I did notice you had a priority code of 01 and I am 19. I wonder if that is where I stand as far as how many people are Infront of me.
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Will have mine wednesday
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Gave my 100$ deposit the night it was announced.
Jealous XD

@Benc9587 I made my reservation in November last year and as stated earlier I am not sure where I stand on the actual order with ford but I have put a deposit down and have been refunded my res fee.

I can say that my dealer said the order banks are currently closed untill August he thinks. So you are not likely to hear from your dealer till then as they will not be able to push the order through to Ford Canada. I am sure there is no harm in poking your head in to your dealer though, and introducing your self to ask if they have your res on file. They might have different information from what I have. It is hard to tell what is true these days.
Got my new lightning today. XLT extended range. Following picture is not great,but color is Antimatter Blue Metallic.

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Looking good! Did you get the pro charger with it or are you having to wait because of the shortage?
I have to wait. Ford called me two weeks ago. They asked me to order the charger at 0$ on this web site: Ford Canada EV Chargers. I have no news since I ordered it.
That sucks, but I guess at least the portable charger is capable of level 2 charging.
I have 100 amp service. Have been told I have to upgrade to 200 before I can install an ev charger and my quote was $4500 just for the panel upgrade. This doesn't include any wiring or install of the charger. Also I may have to pay more to the utility company if they need to run new equipment from the street.
My status just changed, original production was July 11 but today online now has window sticker and says in production, they must be ahead of schedule with production.
Ooo. Exciting. Still hopeful I get tapped for a production slot this year but it is getting slimmer.
Well I have some sad news. :-(

I may be out of the running. Got word that Ford Canada might not be price protecting my order and I will be responsible to pay the price difference for a 2023. I don't think I will be able to afford it if the prices go up by as much as they are in the states.
My original order had the base XLT at $68,000
My new order if I decide to sign it has the base at $79,000

After all my addons Original contract was $85,995 before tax and freight. New contract is $100,115.
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Well it is official. I removed my order from the system today. It makes me very sad but I hope that I can get an other chance in the future if the prices come back down as competition goes up and material costs come back down.
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