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Canadian Order Process

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Does anybody have any news on how Ford Canada is handling orders? It appears they aren't doing order waves like in the States. My dealer basically told me that he just put all the orders through together when he was told to. I have an order but no other indication on where I stand. I also know that my dealer had 86 orders all placed with mine and they have been issued 4 VINs so far.
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Ask your dealer to send you a screen shot of the order in his system, when you get that you will see your order number and Vin number
There is a vin number if you placed your order, I did in Jan and the vin is assigned at that time. Trust me getting info from the dealership is like pulling teeth, just ask for this.
The order number should be 4 digits only.
Yeah I got one of those too, I was very Leary about just getting that only so when I was at my dealer putting my down payment down ($2500.00) that when he said he would place the order, i wanted to see confirmation of the order.
He has a dealer screen that has every order he has placed on it. This is what you want to see. Ask for this. (I blacked out my vin and order number as well as the other orders on his screen)
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That really sucks, I would keep bugging your dealer.
Will have mine wednesday
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Gave my 100$ deposit the night it was announced.
WOW that super exciting, has anyone else in Canada received one yet? Cant wait to see the day when I log into the site and see that!!! (when it come up for me, hit and miss when and if the site lets me in) what model did you order?
Love that colour!!! I'm getting the Platinum in black. I did the pro charger order too, emailed them last week for an update and they said the next shipment will be end of the month and they will send to ppl like yourself that received there trucks first so shouldn't be to long for you.
Congratulations looks great.
I would love to have the maple leaf on the back!!!!, but I highly doubt it.
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Hey Slecerc, did you get any kind of rebate for the government for buying electric? I did some research and I don't think the Lightning qualifies. Let me (us) know.

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finally after almost 1 month of production status and blend date my truck listed as built today and at ramp 51, had been at ramp 51 seems for a few weeks likely waiting on a chip. as others have posted ford deleting options on the truck due to chip shortages. When will this hell end!
Where did you see that your truck is on ramp 51? my build date was July 29th and since it shows it still in production. I suspect its sitting waiting on chips as well.
Thanks for the info!! yes I will need luck as when I call my dealer I seem to know ALOT more then he does. And I'm dealing with the general manager not a sales guy!?!?!?! we have the Platinum on order so maybe the amount of Chips needed is greater. Who knows, we will just continue to wait........
Thanks Again.
crazy exciting!!!
hope you see it soon, Send a picture!
You will save on gas! and regret it if you don't get it.
Well it finally came, picked it up last night. And it DOESNT have the lighting bolt with the US flag on it. Have other Canadian orders the same as this as well?
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I received my charger a week before the truck. Have you contacted the charger department?
The email address is Ford EV Chargers Support <[email protected]>
Email them, they are the best department to deal with in the whole truck buying experience.

Good luck
Hi everyone

I need some help, so I cannot for the life of me get my auto sensing headlights to come off and on. I have the selector to Automatic, I went on Youtube and watch a video on how to set up in the settings, yet my setting screen has a glare free option instead of the auto headlight option.
How do I get these things to work??? Can anyone help me??
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