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Canadian Order Process

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Does anybody have any news on how Ford Canada is handling orders? It appears they aren't doing order waves like in the States. My dealer basically told me that he just put all the orders through together when he was told to. I have an order but no other indication on where I stand. I also know that my dealer had 86 orders all placed with mine and they have been issued 4 VINs so far.
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My status just changed, original production was July 11 but today online now has window sticker and says in production, they must be ahead of schedule with production.
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finally after almost 1 month of production status and blend date my truck listed as built today and at ramp 51, had been at ramp 51 seems for a few weeks likely waiting on a chip. as others have posted ford deleting options on the truck due to chip shortages. When will this hell end!
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Where did you see that your truck is on ramp 51? my build date was July 29th and since it shows it still in production. I suspect its sitting waiting on chips as well.
I had called my dealer and he could see it was sitting in Flat Rock ramp 51 but was not signed off for shipping (chips) but now the status changed to built so now it will be in line to ship. Your dated is a few days after mine so I suspect yours will change to built any day. Good Luck!
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Now shipped , wow that was fast!
My original order had the base XLT at $68,000
My new order if I decide to sign it has the base at $79,000

After all my addons Original contract was $85,995 before tax and freight. New contract is $100,115.
Man that's significant, wonder if ICE trucks seeing major price increases?
I got called last week that they were ready to take my order, for MY23. Went in all ready to order the Lariat ER, and was then shown the new prices - $10,000 increase in Lariat trims. About that for the XLT as well. Plus no mobile charger included, and no scales/smart hitch in the tow package. I just couldn't do another $10K on what's already an incredibly expensive vehicle.

I thought I might be able to configure the Lariat without the 511A options package, but they won't do that with the ER battery (even though the ford.ca website for 2022 pricing says they can). Of course, the website is all still 2022 pricing just to rub it in about the price increases (why would they even leave those prices up if nobody can get them anymore?)

So, for those waiting in line, a spot has opened up :)
22 prices on website gets you in the door and hope you still sign on the line!
over 2 weeks and truck still at dealer, MUM's the word it seems as I am not able to get them to process the sale to me thus far, I found a recall on the Lightning and wonder if this what is holding up delivery.
Mine did not have that either.

CHARGER. anyone know if we get the pro charger with the truck or do I have to buy my own charger, I never got one with the truck
convert to a hybrid likely happier anyways!
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