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Can I adjust the amperage used while charging?

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Hey all, just got home with my Lightning Lariat. I have a Chargepoint 40/48A charger that I use for my Tesla. The wiring is, uh, less than optimal and hooked to a 30amp fuse, so when I need to charge the Tesla I tell it to use no more than 20 amps. Does the Lightning have such a setting anywhere? I can't find it in the manual or online and I'm afraid to just plug the truck in, since it'll pop the breaker. Thanks in advance!
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Thanks EFX4 - I've put exactly 10 miles on the truck since I had to go back to work after picking it up, but I'll definitely add more details over the coming days.
If you have the ChargePoint Home Flex EVSE, you can adjust the amperage (Down to 20A/16A charging) using the ChargePoint app. You have to de-register and re-activate the EVSE to get to the flexible amperage screen.
Really? That is the charger I have - Why do I have to de-register to get that screen?
I can only speculate safety, as in 'electrician leaves after installing home EVSE set at 24 Amp max for 30A circuit and homeowner wants more charging speed, goes in the app, and ups it to 50A.' "There will be fires."

It's a hint to try to save you a lot of frustration. You can try seeing if you can access it from the settings in your app. "Breaker Settings" does not appear anymore after an app upgrade, although there are some parts of the FAQ that refer to that setting. If not, go here in the app and read about it:
Upper left hamburger Settings-->Help-->ChargePoint Home-->ChargePoint Home Flex-->Features and Settings-->"I didn't sctivate my CjargePoint Home Flex. Why is it charging at 16 A?"--> click the link for instruction on how to reactivate. Other parts of the FAQ address fact you have to deactivate it to change amperage settings.
This is great! We wired up my Chargepoint with a 50A breaker without realizing that the service back to the main panel (it's a sub-panel) was only like 30 amps. If I can do something to kick the charging back to 16 amps over 240 volts I think it's a happy medium for everyone. I'll contact their support to see if I can kick it back to 16 amps and see what happens.
Interesting - It does look like there are several options for amperage during setup, though some are hardwired only, and mine is a plugin. But this is a good place to start. I've also reached out to their support to see if I could just kick it down to 16 amps for now, since I'm moving to a new house soon. Thanks for the help!
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Ok I've learned a ton about Chargepoint Flex - More than I ever thought I needed to - and I can share my updates here in case they help others.

So I called Chargepoint support and the support dude confirmed what @Voltz said - If I reset to factory defaults it'll come back at 16 amps. However, CP's documentation seems to be behind the state of the app - There was no option to factory default the thing, just to remove from my account, so that's what I did. I then plugged in the truck and tripped the breaker.

After everything came back online the CP was now flashing white. So I figured hey, it had to reboot to reset itself and I plugged it in again... And tripped the breaker again. Since I couldn't find much in the way of resetting I figured I'd try activating the CP one more time. It went through the setup wizard and asked if I was plugged in or hardwired (I'm plugged in). The plug-in only had two choices for amperage, 40 and 48. But if I went back and told it I was hardwired I had way more options, similar to what's outlined in this table. I set it to the 20 amp setting and shazam, I was able to charge without issue! I think I'll see about re-setting it with the 24A setting since I do have a 30A breaker.

Thanks for all the help! I never would have figured this out without you guys. I'm in the middle of moving to a new place and hopefully I'll get that place wired appropriately. But this is a great alternative to the dryer plug till then! On a side note it sucks that Ford doesn't yet have a way to see how much amperage it's pulling, but I assume that eventually their software will be on par with Tesla's.
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