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Can I adjust the amperage used while charging?

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Hey all, just got home with my Lightning Lariat. I have a Chargepoint 40/48A charger that I use for my Tesla. The wiring is, uh, less than optimal and hooked to a 30amp fuse, so when I need to charge the Tesla I tell it to use no more than 20 amps. Does the Lightning have such a setting anywhere? I can't find it in the manual or online and I'm afraid to just plug the truck in, since it'll pop the breaker. Thanks in advance!
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I can comment to this subject that you also can’t see the incoming charge rate/speed when using the mobile Charger w/14-50 connection. I expected “charge” screen that would give you that data. It’s really just a curiosity thing, but I’d like to know what kind of kw/h charge rate I’m getting at home.

Perhaps the CSP which gets “registered “ in the ford pass app gives you more data?
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