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Can I adjust the amperage used while charging?

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Hey all, just got home with my Lightning Lariat. I have a Chargepoint 40/48A charger that I use for my Tesla. The wiring is, uh, less than optimal and hooked to a 30amp fuse, so when I need to charge the Tesla I tell it to use no more than 20 amps. Does the Lightning have such a setting anywhere? I can't find it in the manual or online and I'm afraid to just plug the truck in, since it'll pop the breaker. Thanks in advance!
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AFAIK, we are not able to adjust the F-150 Lightning's amperage. It's just another one of those features that you will find in a Tesla but not here. Tesla has done well with software and including must have features and functions within it.

Have you noticed anything else the Lightning could use that your Tesla has?

Would love to get your initial impression of the Lightning.
Pics of it would be great too.
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