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Can Anyone Match This Poor Experience?

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Hey all!

I purchased 2022 Ford Lightning from Ford of Branford in Conneticut a month ago. I live in Minneapolis, but I wanted an ER Lariat under 80K (so I could get the tax credit) - these are tough to find so when I found one on their website, I took action.

Since I was going to be selling my old vehicle, I wanted to make sure I got the Ford Wallbox charger from SunRun ASAP. As I was finishing paperwork and wiring the money, I asked the dealer what we needed to do to get the charger sent. They said don’t worry, SunRun will call you. Frustrating, but no worries, I’ll be patient.

Fast forward a week - nothing from SunRun. I call again. The dealer gives me SunRuns number. Leave a message.

3 days later SunRun comes back and says this vehicle isn’t “marked as sold” - weird, it’s in my garage.

Call the dealer again - leave a message. Another 3 days go by. It’s now been two weeks, patience is getting thinner…

Dealer responds and says they need to talk to their rep and figure out why it isn’t marked as sold. Weird, seems pretty standard to me, but alright. (Meanwhile I’d had an electrician booked for 3 weeks after purchase - he charged me a cancellation fee).

Fast forward another week - I’m now being told the vehicle has recalls on it and it can’t be marked as sold until the recalls are taken care of. Again, a little frustrating but alright. Can a dealer even sell you a vehicle that has open recalls on it?

I call a local dealer. Earliest apt is April 4th - but the parts for the recall won’t be available until Q4 of 2023. I’ve tried to contact the dealer I purchased from - they aren’t willing to do anything about it. Very unresponsive and a poor experience.

Not to mention when the vehicle is finally marked as sold, SunRun then takes 3-5 business days to even recognize it and start the process (from what they told me).

Has anyone else had this bad of an experience trying to get the charger (that you paid for up front)? I’m using 110V to charge right now, I can get about a mile of range every 2 hours of charge. I can’t go anywhere 😂

Trying not to complain too much but man, this experience has stunk so far.

Talk me off this cliff!! 🤣
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Sunrun has been terrible in some markets, just search "sunrun" in the forum.

When the electrician was getting antsy, you should have had him install the wiring and put in a 240v plug. That way you can buy a portable unit like the Ford power cord or any of the 100s of options on the market. Charging on 110v is a last resort.

Since you "can't go anywhere", have a look around for chargers in your area, the more you look, the more you'll find. Level 3 chargers will get you up and running in no time.
Appreciate the reply - wish I would’ve done that with the electrician. Unfortunately the nearest level 3 charger is 20+ miles, I actually am about 45 miles west of Minneapolis in a small town.

My frustration is more with the dealer I purchased from vs SunRun 😕
I picked up my truck on 2/13, got an email from Sunrun on 2/15 to verify my address, and charger was at my front door on 2/21. It seemed Sunrun had this figured out. I really think the biggest thing is having the dealer do the transaction to make sure it's sold in the system. Seems like the dealer doesn't want to play nice.
Thanks for the response - jealous of your experience! I think you’re right. Not sure what to do about the dealer.
I was asking the OP. Where there's a will there's a way to safely get better charging while they wait for their FCSP. A dryer plug would be a good start.
I have a dryer on 240V yes, but no way to use 240 to charge my truck, unfortunately.
I could be wrong but I think a lot of folks are thinking that they need to use/install the 80 amp fast charger that is supposed to be delivered to the owner after purchase by Sunrun when perhaps they may not. At least that was the case with my 2022 Lariat ER. (2023 owners have to pay for the chargers?). It came immediately from the factory with the 32 amp "portable" charger. After a lot of research I decided that for my needs I could make do with the 32 amp portable charger. I had my electrician install a 50amp breaker & 14-50 Nema 240v outlet in my garage. I sold the 80amp Fast Charger on Ebay when it arrived from Sunrun which paid for most of my 240v install. I charge from 40% to 85% from 10pm to 6am (off-peak rates with my electric provider) with no problem. You can find the 32amp portable chargers on Ebay for a very reasonable price if one did not come with your truck. Just wanted to share my personal experience for what it is worth. Would welcome any feedback/opinions! Thanks, Walt
Appreciate your input!
Just wanted to update everyone here - it sounds like the recall that was open on the truck was a safety recall. It was issued in early January, I purchased in early February.

The sale of a new vehicle with an open safety recall is illegal, with a fine up to $20,000.

I'm not going to take legal action, but is it reasonable to ask the dealer for some sort of compensation? I still don't have the wallbox charger and it's been almost 2 months.
The fire recall applied to 18 trucks. There are other recalls, including the wiper motor recall mentioned.

That fine is designed to protect you as a consumer. I’d keep quiet or they may take the truck back. 😬
Why would I keep quiet? I spoke to a lawyer briefly and they said I should shout from the rooftops. It's 20K out of the dealer's pocket for doing something illegal. They sold a customer a "dangerous" vehicle and didn't say anything about it.

I own the vehicle and it's registered in my name - I guess I don't see how or why they'd try to "take it back" - if anything they should bribe me to keep my mouth shut.

And the recalls are 22C15 and 22S45 - I asked a local Ford dealer and he confirmed one of them is a safety recall and confirmed the 20K fine to the dealership.
22C15 is a safety recall. You might not get a low pressure warning on the gauge screen. It is supposed to be fixed by an OTA update or at the dealership. It seems really strange this made it through the dealer's processes. The recall was issued in July.

I couldn't find anything about 22S45. Typo maybe?
Here’s the recalls


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he charger at 48 Amps, should h
There's only one recall. The second tracking number is for Canada. Your screenshot is showing the recall has been completed. You might still have the wiper motor recall. You would have received a letter from Ford if that one affects your truck.

Have you still not received your charger? If not, your dealer is your best resource based on my experience. They might actually be able to find someone who can do something about it.
I don't have my charger - and the dealer is aware they made a mistake selling me the truck with an open safety recall. They are calling it a "whoops" but it is certainly punishable by law. I also had to pay an electrician extra $ just to come put in a 240V so I can make it to work and back on a daily basis.

Does Recall Non-Compliance Leave Your Dealership More Liable & At Risk? - Recall Masters - this link talks about selling vehicles on an open safety recall.
If I were I your shoes I’d be happy to have the truck. We’re not talking about some kind of hidden danger here. If your wipers stop working while it’s raining, pull over. You’ll be fine.

Invest your time and energy as you see fit. Threatening to sue your dealer over a wiper motor recall is not a choice I would make.
Appreciate your reply. If I’d known it was being sold with an open recall and would delay me getting a charger for 3+ months, I may have made a different choice. Unfortunately I didn’t even get the chance to make that decision (because they didn’t inform me of the recall).

Delivery was 5 weeks before I started my new job and I had to Uber/ask for rides the first few weeks. Couldn’t charge it enough to get there and back consistently from 110V. Maybe a small problem for you, but carries different weight for different people. Finally got an electrician to install a 240V in the garage (again, unexpected expense).

They also charged me $5500 for 10 year - 100k warranty - is that what everyone else paid or did I overpay?

Love the truck, it’s outstanding. Just frustrated with the experience so far.
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