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Can Anyone Match This Poor Experience?

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Hey all!

I purchased 2022 Ford Lightning from Ford of Branford in Conneticut a month ago. I live in Minneapolis, but I wanted an ER Lariat under 80K (so I could get the tax credit) - these are tough to find so when I found one on their website, I took action.

Since I was going to be selling my old vehicle, I wanted to make sure I got the Ford Wallbox charger from SunRun ASAP. As I was finishing paperwork and wiring the money, I asked the dealer what we needed to do to get the charger sent. They said don’t worry, SunRun will call you. Frustrating, but no worries, I’ll be patient.

Fast forward a week - nothing from SunRun. I call again. The dealer gives me SunRuns number. Leave a message.

3 days later SunRun comes back and says this vehicle isn’t “marked as sold” - weird, it’s in my garage.

Call the dealer again - leave a message. Another 3 days go by. It’s now been two weeks, patience is getting thinner…

Dealer responds and says they need to talk to their rep and figure out why it isn’t marked as sold. Weird, seems pretty standard to me, but alright. (Meanwhile I’d had an electrician booked for 3 weeks after purchase - he charged me a cancellation fee).

Fast forward another week - I’m now being told the vehicle has recalls on it and it can’t be marked as sold until the recalls are taken care of. Again, a little frustrating but alright. Can a dealer even sell you a vehicle that has open recalls on it?

I call a local dealer. Earliest apt is April 4th - but the parts for the recall won’t be available until Q4 of 2023. I’ve tried to contact the dealer I purchased from - they aren’t willing to do anything about it. Very unresponsive and a poor experience.

Not to mention when the vehicle is finally marked as sold, SunRun then takes 3-5 business days to even recognize it and start the process (from what they told me).

Has anyone else had this bad of an experience trying to get the charger (that you paid for up front)? I’m using 110V to charge right now, I can get about a mile of range every 2 hours of charge. I can’t go anywhere 😂

Trying not to complain too much but man, this experience has stunk so far.

Talk me off this cliff!! 🤣
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You are probably pushing the limit with that 6/3 for 48A continuous, did you or your electrician de-rate via dial in charger?
Agreed. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the photos above. Based on NEC Table 300.16 I think the right setting would be 32 amps. Romex 6/3 has an ampacity rating of 55 amps, multiply by 0.82 to account for ambient temperatures up to 40 C (104 F) which equals 45.1. Multiply that by 0.8 for the recommended safety buffer which give you 36.1. Any setting below that should be good, although I don't know how conduit affects that.

* The above calculation is based on my knowledge of code which is probably wrong. Don't take wiring advice from an internet forum.😆
I think you are doubling up, I think you could run at 40 just fine.
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