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Buying a Mannequin - worst delivery experience EVER

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One would think, when buying a vehicle at over $80,000, even though it has been used as a demo unit, that the dealer would pay even more attention to the delivery process and making sure the vehicle was absolutely detailed and cleaned before selling it. Well, that was NOT my experience when picking up my truck at AutoNation Ford Westlake OH. If this were any other purchase, and timing and scarcity were not in play, I would have refused delivery.

Here is a recap:

So all they did was quickly wash the truck, put on some tire shine, and run a damp rag on the inside.
  • Second fob missing. He will call me Monday
  • Told me both chargers were in the truck when I asked him to check last week - only had the mobile charger - no FCSP - he has to check
  • Trash left from drivers in the truck - including a brownie under the driver seat and paperwork from other drivers
  • Never washed or cleaned the glass on the roof or the roof at all - it was dirty
  • Found a paint defect on the roof - photo below
  • Lockable under back seat locking hardware was never installed - hardware still in package and one side will not flip up
  • Had to re clean entire interior - photo below particularly bad
  • Max phones were entered and still in Sync and I had to delete them one by one
  • Asked him to show me how the tonneau cover worked (it is a rolling one) and when he opened the back gate, trash and dirt in the bed. It had never been touched or cleaned
  • Stuff, including the mobile charger was just thrown in the frunk, liners not installed.
  • Told me the truck had 4,000 miles on it. Actually 4,700.
  • They activated some of the connected services in June of this year, so I am losing 6 months of those (email sent to Ford to see if those can be extended since I am the first "buyer")
  • Told me they were selling me the truck at MSRP, then they forgot to add $1,200 for the tonneau cover, but on the final purchase documents sent to my credit union, did not add it again, so when I show up to take delivery I am told I need another $1,200 to pay because they missed it, and the credit union loan does not include it.
But . . . I do have my truck. I am not sure how I am going to deal with the dealer yet on this experience - I had no issues with my salesman, he was helpful other than making sure I had a clean and perfect vehicle at delivery. I spent three hours detailing the truck myself as best I could - good thing I have a heated garage where the truck barely fits. But I couldn't open the tailgate to clean the bed. This is NOT my regular dealer. This is just where I found a Lightning with what I wanted to be able to buy before year end and still get the tax credit.

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4700 of the hardest miles possible. Every one of those miles, had foot-on the-floor "let's see what this thing can do" portions. Every one of the employees took it for some kind of torture test.

The only way I would ever buy a mannequin is if it was at a deep discount. 😳

On the upside, that is a really pretty red.
All things being equal I totally agree . . . but is the 0 mile truck worth $10K ADM? Because that is what they wanted.
No LOL, I have never and will never pay over sticker.

In my area there are a number of dealers, one of which, has a horrible reputation for gouging and charging extreme ADM. As an example, they want $20,000 over for a lightning order. The dealer 18 miles away is giving it to me for sticker. How does the gouging dealer stay in business? All I can figure is that it is a factor of people not doing just a little bit of leg work. If they did, these gouging dealers would just cease to exist; or come in line with normal pricing to stay in business.

I'm not laying judgment on your situation, just commenting on my own. If you were caught unable to get a reservation, and/or needed the vehicle sooner, then that starts painting a different picture and you have to deal with it the best way you can. As an aside, I am always glad when a poor demo vehicle gets a good loving home, and really, one benefit is that all the Gremlins should have been beat out of it.
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