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Buyers agreement before delivery to lock in EV tax credit?

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Was hoping to see offer from Ford similar to Rivian's offer to sign buyers agreement and lock in EV credit. My dealer didn't seem willing to draft something up.
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Getting a signed buyer's order is a smart way to make sure you have the dealer's assurance, in writing, that they will charge MSRP. It also sounds like that will take care of the EV credit requirement. I recommend you push your dealer to provide you with a signed buyer's order, preferably signed by the sales manager or someone higher.
Do you know if this is something Ford dealers do? I’m calling mine tomorrow but am hoping to find out beforehand if this is typical and/or if anyone has firsthand experience with doing an agreement or something similiar that would lock in the sale date and qualify for the existing tax credit. My truck is due for delivery in the next few weeks and I’m afraid of being a victim of the impending gap in the rules; it sounds like Biden will sign in the next few days and I’ll be SOL.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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