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Built Email

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As many of you know my dealer is roughly 30 mins from the Dearborn plant and it has been my biggest gripe that my truck has sat for 7 weeks waiting for a Final Inspection. Well as of this morning I got the (what appeared to be) unobtainable and mythical "Built" email.

I hope that I am one of the lucky ones who end up getting the email and the truck ends up being at the dealership now or before the estimated delivery date. But either way, I am beyond ecstatic to have this email now.

Reservation: May 19 2021
Order: January 8
Blend: May 5
Built: June 29
Estimated Delivery: July 5-11
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Sorry, can someone explain what "Blend" is?
We've heard two descriptions for BLEND DATE
a) The date when all the subcomponents begin their journey to the assembly floor to be joined together.
b) The date when the powertrain skateboard is joined with the cab/bed assembly

Subsequently 24 to 48 hours later all the fixtures, harness etc...are installed, mounted & connected, resulting in a drivable unit at the tail end of the assembly line.

The date is found at the top of your window sticker, which is available at this URL with your VIN immediately after of the =
Rectangle Grass Font Pattern Vehicle registration plate
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