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Build Week 11/14/22 Come & Gone

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5/19/21 reservation holder, Order date 9/22/22, build week 11/14/22 "NOT"! It has been a roller coaster and I am ready to come off the rails being it is the end of the week and all I heard from my Dealer: In Production 11/18/22 (even though my account link did not agree) and today TBD when to be in production! Can't make this stuff up and Ford/Ford Dealers really need to get their act together.
This delay and misinformation happen to anyone else?
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This is not unusual. The dealers have access to a system called Vehicle Visibility that gives them access to much more detail than you can access. Production can shift a bit due to parts availability. In case you haven't heard, there are problems in many supply chains and shipping still.
So following up today to see if my 11/14 production date, had a TBD, and now a week latter my Dealer tells me due to a Microchip shortage the production is on hold. Would have assumed when a production date is set Ford has ready to build all the parts and ready and waiting. Even if true, a Microchip will delay start of production, this to me sounds like someone is blowing smoke up my A~~. what say you folks?
By the way, what does Blend Date translate into?
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