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Build Week 11/14/22 Come & Gone

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5/19/21 reservation holder, Order date 9/22/22, build week 11/14/22 "NOT"! It has been a roller coaster and I am ready to come off the rails being it is the end of the week and all I heard from my Dealer: In Production 11/18/22 (even though my account link did not agree) and today TBD when to be in production! Can't make this stuff up and Ford/Ford Dealers really need to get their act together.
This delay and misinformation happen to anyone else?
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Mine was scheduled to be built the same week and Ford's website hasn't changed. That said, the order tracker says the blend date was 11/16. It seems like most builds are taking 2-3 weeks, so I wouldn't expect much from Ford until the end of November or the beginning of December.
I just checked Ford's website and my XLT with a blend date of 11/16 is built and ready for shipping. They expect it to get to the west coast 12/16-12/22. I'm not holding my breath with the rail strikes and such, but it would be pretty awesome to get it before the end of the year.

My build is a pretty basic XLT SR build with max tow and tow tech packages. No spray in liner or any accessories.
Update from my order... Truck shipped on 11/29 and is scheduled to arrive 12/16-12/22 according to Ford's website. I also confirmed with my dealer that the truck is actually in route and no longer on any chip holds.
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