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Build Week 11/14/22 Come & Gone

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5/19/21 reservation holder, Order date 9/22/22, build week 11/14/22 "NOT"! It has been a roller coaster and I am ready to come off the rails being it is the end of the week and all I heard from my Dealer: In Production 11/18/22 (even though my account link did not agree) and today TBD when to be in production! Can't make this stuff up and Ford/Ford Dealers really need to get their act together.
This delay and misinformation happen to anyone else?
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Hey everyone, new guy here with a 2023 Lariat ER ordered. Anybody here had issues with the Ford tracking website not recognizing their Vin or really extended delays? I see on the site that people with build and blend dates after me are in the shipping phase. I have an order date of 9/7, a production date of 10/31, and a blend date of 11/05. I haven't heard anything from Ford or my dealer, the website doesn't recognize my Vin, and the truck the order status hasn't moved from "Scheduled for Production". Any thoughts here? Anyone have similar issues?
You run through everythinge here?

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