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Build Date Confirmation

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My build date was 5/05/2022. Does anyone know how to find out if my truck was actually built?
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Ask them to send you a PDF of your window sticker, you can try the vin with this link, but if you have a typo in the vin it won't work, vin goes after the = sign
The order number is a 4 digit alphanumeric sequence. You can find it in the "item number" field of your window sticker.
Was FINALLY able to figure these out. With the link provided by taxmanhog, copy and past your VIN# into the end of website address, after the "Equal" sign. That should bring up your window sticker.

Then from there, At the bottom, just left and below the "Total MSRP" figure, under Item #, there's a two-digit number, then 4 digit letter/number sequence followed by "O/T 1". The four alphanumeric sequence in the middle is your order number. Finally got to the order page.

Thank you.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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