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Build Date Confirmation

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My build date was 5/05/2022. Does anyone know how to find out if my truck was actually built?
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No, the site said my order number wasn’t valid. I got the number from Ford and the dealer.
Ask them to send you a PDF of your window sticker, you can try the vin with this link, but if you have a typo in the vin it won't work, vin goes after the = sign
The link isn't current, it just says to come back later.
That will happen for two reasons:
You have a typo in the vin, or
if you're not within 11 days of your projected build week but in your case a 5/5 date it SHOULD work.

EDIT, seeing a later post you got through and have your window sticker and was able to track build, good luck!!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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