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Brought my allocation with me to new dealer

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I was lucky to get invited in the most recent April wave to order and got saddled with a dealer charging $7500 adm. After shopping around I found another dealer with a more reasonable fee structure. What was interesting was I changed my dealer and was able to successfully place an order for it and got confirmed by the dealer today.

For those who want to switch dealers, I was able to successfully do this and keep my allocation. Although the dealer I'm working with now did need to reach out to their Ford rep.

Wanted to keep people aware of the process as I'm sure others would want to do the same.

I did get stuck with errors on Ford's website to start but it worked out.
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Always great to see this and hear the good news. It took a few months to truly know and confirm, but once you get the email is the time to change dealers, not before and don't try and wait til after you order, it is too late. However, once you have the email, the allocation is yours and it will move with you. Congrats on saving the $7500 and sticking the dealer for that plus the likely $8K to $10K they made just by charging MSRP sticker.
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I wonder if that allocation reduces that dealerships future allocation by one. So, you can carry it to any dealer, but that doesn’t punish and reward the Dealerships.
The dealer does not get another allocation to replace it with. They lose the allocation and the order.
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