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Broken chargers.

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Many on this forum are early adopters, and by the simple act of being here demonstrate higher than average involvement in the EV community. For those that have the time to do so, there is an important way you can contribute to this community.

Existing public charging providers have demonstrated an abysmal ability to maintain their chargers. Part of this I believe is our fault, the end user. I believe we could get more involved.

Talking to EV drivers, one of the things I often ask is what they do when they find a broken charger. Some call to report it, but unfortunately the majority tell me they simply go and find a charger that works.

It is important for us as end users to be calling these companies and reporting broken chargers. Taking a step further, I regularly check on the dcfc chargers closest to me, to see if they are working; even though these are not the chargers that I use. I regularly find chargers broken, call the companies and ask them to contact me when they are fixed. I have mixed results for sure, but I am noticing they are getting more responsive, and even recognizing me from prior calls lol. it does not cost me much time or electricity to swing by these places, and it makes my area a better area to travel through when more of these chargers are working.

Just food for thought.
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for several years we own TWO Nissan Leafs(2014/2015 models)... the worst places to find a working charger was actually at the Nissan DEALERS! Crazy, but they didn't seem to care. Some had DC Fast Chargers of different varieties, but didn't seem to have anybody that knew anything about how to 'fix' them. Even all the dealers with Level 2 J1772 pedestals had no clue.

Downtown Huntsville AL has/had a DC Fast Charger, with CHAdeMO and CCS, in front of the downtown City Hall building. It worked sometimes, and many times not. I would call and they were helpful, but it would take some time for anyone to show up. I don't think most cities, even if they have their own utility departments, understand the 'need' to keep these working at all times. It was Free, so no complaints, but if it's not working, there is NO DC FAST CHARGING in all of the Huntsville Alabama area - and Huntsville is 'Rocket City'! Crazy.
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