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Big Lightning event last week of April

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I've seen word out on social media already so the cat is out of the bag. There is a big Lightning "release" event the last week of April. Big wigs, press, show off the newly built trucks, etc. Not sure what all will happen but expect lots of Lightning news that week. Maybe press drives?

The amazing news is Ford invited me.

The horrible news is that is the one week between now and June I couldn't make it work. I'm committed to another trip that week, my first air travel since COVID!

It's eating me up inside that I can't go but I'll hopefully have future opportunities closer to home. Anyway, expect big news that week.
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Awesome! Matches my predictions for the rollout which were based on the Mach-E timeline.

I'd expect OKTB around the same time as that event. It would be weird if deliveries started before that event, but there is precedent for this with the Mach E GT.
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