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Between a rock and a hard place!

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I got my invitation email to place my reservation. I placed my reservation and it went to the dealer (Damerow Ford in Beaverton, OR). I asked the dealer the next day for the purchase agreement. When they sent it, it had what looks like a bogus dealer rep name, customer name was crossed, and they wrote down with a pen a 5k markup on the printed agreement. Apparently once the order goes to the dealer, you can't change your dealer anymore. So I'm left with either excepting their markup, or losing my reservation and place in line. Does anyone know if there's a hidden option number #3? because this is ridiculous!!!
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The ADM being written in pen Seems shady. did you sign the papers after it was written in? Or did they modify a document AFTER you agreed to it? Whaa to stop them from putting a ‘1’ in front of the 5?
Did the final price that you signed include the 5,000 ?
Oh, booooo. I hope Ford does something, seems like they have you locked up in the contract cuffs.
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