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Between a rock and a hard place!

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I got my invitation email to place my reservation. I placed my reservation and it went to the dealer (Damerow Ford in Beaverton, OR). I asked the dealer the next day for the purchase agreement. When they sent it, it had what looks like a bogus dealer rep name, customer name was crossed, and they wrote down with a pen a 5k markup on the printed agreement. Apparently once the order goes to the dealer, you can't change your dealer anymore. So I'm left with either excepting their markup, or losing my reservation and place in line. Does anyone know if there's a hidden option number #3? because this is ridiculous!!!
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Dealer's price is on the website. If they have any authorized ADM it will show up there.
Coral - are you saying the ADM would show up on the order on Ford's web site? I have a line item that says "Difference from total MSRP" with $0. Would the ADM be listed there?
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My thoughts on this from what I've seen reading documents - it appears Dealerships have a screen they can go in and make price adjustments on a vehicle. This way when you go to order that pricing shows up either replacing the MSRP Ford puts in or shows along side of it, I'm not sure which. It seems the goal is for you however to know any adjustments or ADM your dealer is going to do at time of order, it would truly be up front.

The problem is the dealers don't add it there and why would they, Ford would then see for sure who is adding mark ups. So instead afterward they just print a copy of your order and hand write it. They keep it out of the systems.

A bigger question - why would Ford even give them a place like this - I guess I can see it if there are discounts being given, but it shouldn't allow markups. Either way - if they do it hand written after the fact, they hide from the mothership on the ADM.

I'm not a lawyer, but my gut also tells me that printing the order and signing it would have little legal bearing, it is nothing more than maybe intent. To buy and truly agree on a price it must be on a MVPA - Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement and that only gets filled in at time of sale when you are handing over money and getting the key to drive off.
Very interesting, thanks. I've called the 800# to complain about the ADM's and the person on the line was very apologetic and seemed genuinely concerned. She said she has been "referring all these complaints" to higher ups. It seemed clear mine was one of many complaints they had received. It may not do much in the short term, but I think Ford knows how annoying this is and how it will affect their sales.
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