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Best plug in camping/tailgating gear

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What type of gear are people thinking of getting for camping/tailgating to take advantage of the available outlets?

Pro power onboard isn’t new so I’m hoping some people already have some sweet setups to get my creative juices flowing.
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I'm thinking to use it mainly for a travel trailer, like what this guy did:
That's my frequent plan as well --- running our NoBoundaries 19.8 trailer.
If someone who needs their coffee fix a coffee maker like this would be good for camping and tailgating.

Personally I'd avoid Keurig systems. Too much waste and coffee is too weak. There are lots of good coffee pot options, though, especially if you avoid glass carafes. I'm wondering what people have found for grills and induction burners.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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