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Best Off Road / AT Tires for EV Trucks

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Wondering if anyone has a good resource for comparing Off-Road / All-Terrain tires specifically for EV trucks. Leaving out aesthetics for this discussion, I'd like to know if there has been any significant off-road testing across the major brands for EV trucks. I've been trying to piece together limited information from the various online tire sites and there seems to be a lack of meaningful data. There are some metrics that are obvious for off-road / AT tires like performance in certain conditions (snow, wet, mud, severe weather, etc), however there are other criteria that should likely be considered when buying tires specifically for EV trucks:
  • Tire weight (at least close to OEM tires - many are as much as 50% heavier)
  • Load capacity (especially sidewall strength to support the extra vehicle weight over the life of the tire)
  • Noise level (a quieter cabin on roadways is a nice perk in owning an EV truck)
  • Range impact (with amore aggressive tread pattern, how much reduction in range should be expected?)
What additional criteria should we consider for Off-road / All-Terrain EV truck tires?
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I would just use LT rated tires. They can handle the weight and are available everywhere. The only thing a dedicated "EV" tire can bring is economy and a rougher ride and probably not even as much load carrying capability.
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