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Benefit of leaving the truck plugged in when the weather is cold?

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Now that the weather has turned cold, every time I shut down the truck, I get a message on the screen that because of the outside temperature I should leave the truck plugged in.

My question is if I am not charging and have not set a destination time, what is the benefit, if any, to leaving the truck plugged in during cold weather?
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Does it help or hurt to precondition your cabin when you are not plugged in? You just finished your meal at a restaurant, and it is 20 degrees outside, and you want to drive away in a warm truck????
If your immediate comfort of stepping into a warm cabin is worth a relatively immaterial loss of range, then precondition to your hearts content.
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Probably overthinking, but I'm supposed to get my truck next week and then I'm leaving town for 4 days (without truck, so it will sit in driveway). Weather is supposed to be cold/semi-cold in DFW. Not sure I want to leave my truck plugged in for 4 days right after I get it and I'm not home in case something weird happens. That said, it's probably not an issue either way.

What would y'all do? Just charge it up before leaving town and let it sit in driveway for 4 days unplugged or leave it plugged in?
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