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Benefit of leaving the truck plugged in when the weather is cold?

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Now that the weather has turned cold, every time I shut down the truck, I get a message on the screen that because of the outside temperature I should leave the truck plugged in.

My question is if I am not charging and have not set a destination time, what is the benefit, if any, to leaving the truck plugged in during cold weather?
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I actually purchased a second 20 amp cable just to keep it plugged in 24/7 but I saw that it used more kW/hrs on the charge to get just 5 to 10 miles added vs the 40 amp charger.
Almost half the power. My 40 amp charge is on the house and the garage is separate from it. I move the truck and plug in as needed only a couple times per week if that.
Will see when it stay cold here in NE, I may change my mind. Pre-Heating was the thought for the 20 amp charge cord. With the new 50% higher electricity cost I scraped that idea.
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