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Awesome range.

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Traveled from Petaluma CA (Sonoma County) to San Francisco International Airport and then down to just north of Santa Cruz for some surf. Most of the highway miles were during higher traffic times so the maximum speed was 70. Along Highway 1 you can manage going 60 maybe 65. I was very happy with 2.4 miles per kWh. Used 60% of the battery so this is very much in line with the EPA estimates.

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Nice to see that there's another Lightning running around in Sonoma County - I'm in Santa Rosa. I have yet to see another one anywhere in the wild. These numbers are similar to what I've been getting, too - took it to Lassen the 1st week I owned it and got 2.3 overall. Most of the trip was over 100 deg F (July). I get 2.4 driving up the coast (slower speeds). 2.7 or 2.8 in town.
As a surfer I spend a lot of time on coastal roads. Out there I get 2.4 regularly. I haven’t seen many lightnings yet either.
I’ve seen two in the wild in Petaluma. A lot of Rivians.
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