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Auto Dealers in WV are trying to protect their well lined pockets

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The Auto Dealers Associations are strong and have millions to spend to protect their interests. They are now trying to stop an OTA update from the corporate headquarters without them being involved. This would not be good for any truck owner.

Auto Industry Lobbying Group Objects To West Virginia Law That Could Limit Over-The-Air Updates - MotorExplain
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Often times it seems like the average person has no power and has to resort to something unhealthy as a protest. In this situation, if the people of the state band together (at least enough of them) and decide to not buy a vehicle from any dealer in state; they'd stop this. Of course Ford threatening to limit the allocation to dealers also hurts them.

Of course, I am not looking for to any type of Subscription Service and I don't like the expansion of reservation systems. Something we can thank Tesla for getting the ball rolling on.

I've been completely against the "minimalist" appeal in a car. I don't like everything being in one screen. And this is one example in which it will hurt the consumer. I've always loved the contradiction of seeing distracted driving because of a phone as "very bad" but then putting nearly all car function in a screen as "very good".
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