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Are you listening Ford?

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I know Ford is aware of the problem. I know Jim and others are trying to fix it. I will just leave this here (in case they are reading) as fuel on this fire.

I went to the closest Ford dealer this week to see their demo that just arrived. Mock Ford, in Grants Pass Oregon. The truck was amazing, but it was an incredibly disappointing experience because of the dealer's practices and attitude. After trying to nail the salesman down on ADM, the sales manager finally came out and smugly told me ADM was $8,000 to $15,000 over MSRP (I guess depending on their mood at the moment). His air of superiority was a stench that filled the room as he told me "nobody will get one of these without paying at least that, anywhere. Other dealers are getting $25,000, so you are lucky you are dealing with us".

No, I am certainly not dealing with them. I will never give my money to thugs like them, I don't care how much I like the truck. I will go to a different manufacturer. There will soon be competition, but the stink this dealer leaves on the brand will not soon fade.

Fortunately, this is not the dealer I have my reservation through (although a family member does). I guess we will see how they act when my number is called, but if it is anything like Mock Ford, I will be seen driving a Chevy, another Tesla, a GMC or a Rivian... but NEVER a Ford.

Are you listening Jim?
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I am fortunate in Ontario my dealer said absolutely they are selling to me at msrp only and did not agree with marking it up, Thank you to my dealer for this.
So confused lol
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