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April 1st-extended reservation holders

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Does anyone have a valid answer to the question:

Will those who choose to extend the reservation because desired trim was sold out have a possibility to order before Aug for MY 2023 b/c many invited to order did not convert to orders by the March 31st deadline or do we know if it is set in stone and all those who extended their orders will have to wait until Aug for the new invites? I asked the 1-800 number and they did not know. Please don't respond with "I think", looking for factual replies. Thanks!!!
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I am not aware of anyone having a definitive answer to that one. There will certainly be some scheduling of additional vehicles as part of the final balancing. What is unknown is if those will be opened for new customer orders. We may know by next week.
They can't even finish scheduling their current orders. Should they really be trying to schedule more customers into the 2022 slots that they planned originally? Don't forget, the plan was originally for 6 waves for 2022, but they cut it short. Maybe they don't actually have enough of the "stuff" that goes into these trucks at this time. If they have extra of somethings, maybe they will save it for 2023 trucks that will be built a few weeks later than the last 2022s. It would also give them the opportunity to charge more for the same stuff.
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to be determined for sure - the supply chain issues have further deteriorated in the last 4 weeks and the current shutdown in China will only add to the woes. Me thinks Ford is done with 2022 orders and even some of these orders might be impacted by the recent developments...

I also think Ford will have a heck of a hard time building more Lightnings in 2023.
Maybe the delayed deliveries will extend the time for tax credit phase out. Q3 2022 becomes WE and maybe even Q1 2023 if supply woes continue.
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