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App/Ford Pass charging schedule - confusing and charging at wrong time

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I think I'm having issues with the scheduled charging features on the Ford Pass/app, and the REAL problem is that the App (and truck itself) uses words like "charging" and "waiting" but does not actually tell you exactly, with NUMBERS, what is going on with your truck at any given time.

I'm with Duke/Progress in North Carolina, on a Time of Use plan, so I get very cheap overnight electricity, but with a daytime kicker - not only is it slightly more expensive "on-peak" but there's a multiplier for 'heavy use' - so you get hit with the higher cost AND with a multiplier for particularly intense use.

off-peak (9pm to 6am) is cheap with no kicker, but they can hit you with the kicker if you just miss ONCE in a month and plug in during on peak.

So I REALLY have to not screw up and accidentally charge during On Peak.

Now, one cool thing is that the Ford Pass actually knows my rate plane in its database. it correctly set itself up to "prefer" to charge during my off-peak hours when I entered the name of my plan.

But it seems to mess up sometimes when the truck is actually plugged in.

Most times, I plug in the charger and, most times, the app tells me "waiting to charge" or similar. A similar message comes up on the dash if the door is open.

But sometimes if just says 'charging.' Now, that seems to sometimes mean its ready to charge but not charging, but its also started charging on the wrong time.

One of those times, I was in the truck and hit the power button in order to use the on-screen features. Did I trigger the charging? I don't know the truck (and the manual) won't tell me!

I know the truck tries to use the plug-in power to power accessories and the system if you turn the system on (such as via remote start), but does that mean it starts charging, too? Seems like the answer is yes, though I don't see the answer in any documentation.

But moreover, if you are outside 'preferred' hours but the App says "Charging"... is it? for me, it seems to be sometimes yes, sometimes no, but there is no way to actually tell.

The REAL problem is that neither the truck itself nor the App provides you with enough information to REALLY understand what is happening, on a moment to moment basis. If the truck simply had a "current charge rate" indicator - like ALL of its EV competitors do - then it would be simple to know if there was actual charging going on or if the app was just waiting.

If the App said Charging but the current rate was Zero, well, that means it's waiting. but Ford doesn't let the truck tell you that.

this would be the easiest software fix in the world, yet I bet it will never come.
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No real problems with the settings on my end.

Have you entered your home charger as a location?

If you're using the fcsp, you can limit the current so it's more like an electric oven worth of load, will that trigger your "high use" kicker?
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