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Anyone play in snow yet ?

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Just curious how it does and the experience difference with ICE models. I won’t get many chances in GA, tho “Ryan Hall y’all” predictions may give me that chance this year…. Maybe
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I have not had to drive through deep snow, but the clearance seems to be adequate for any snow I would think of driving through. I live on a .4 mile private road that is covered in packed ice and snow all winter. We also have two fairly steep grades on the road. My neighbor let me know that for traction he had to add 400 #s of sand to the box of his truck. I just smiled and said I have a 2000 # battery for traction. I really don't know the weight of the battery but I have had zero problems with traction. I also used to add 400#s of sand in the box off my old ICE Chevy truck just to get up the bigger hill. This is with the original tires too.
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