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Anyone play in snow yet ?

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Just curious how it does and the experience difference with ICE models. I won’t get many chances in GA, tho “Ryan Hall y’all” predictions may give me that chance this year…. Maybe
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Lots of snow here over the last month or so. I have stock "all season" tires.

Overall, I'd say lightning does much better than my F-350 Powerstroke (Michelin Defender M/s2 tires), weight distribution is noticably better and all time all wheel drive obviously helps. I haven't really had issues getting up and going out of icy approaches, although if you aren't careful the amount of torque available with the lightning can break free pretty easily. I have been happy that the traction control hasn't been overly restrictive to date, and has seemed to work effectively.

I don't think it does quite as well as my escape hybrid (stock tires), I think the higher profile and more mass hurts it a bit on ice. I do feel just as confident driving the Lightning as the escape.

I do really like the regenerative braking/1 pedal driving for ice, as i feel it gives me a bit more control when slowing down than tapping the brakes would.

For deep snow, the order is reversed, the 350 is the go to with much more clearance, then the lightning, then the escape.
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I'm in Bozeman, MT. We have had a heavier than normal November/December for snow.
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