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Anyone know if box is same as ICE for things like Caps or tonneau cover

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Anyone know if the box is same as ICE F150's for things like Caps or tonneau covers, hoping I can get a cap for my truck and was thinking of ordering a little bit early so I do not have to wait if any supply issues with that type of addon?
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Here you go pics, Leer cap
I’m in Canada also - are you seeing your range and state of charge going down overnight with the colder temps? Also on your 530km trip did you stop for a charge to top up ? I’ve noticed my highway driving is killing my mileage (I’m getting 3.5km/kWh combined city highway mileage). But the highway trips are hurting range. I may need to slow down. Going 120km on the 401. Will try 115 maybe even 110km/h on my next highway trip
ya my 95 km speed on 7 to Ottawa was great but my 125km speed Ottawa to Kingston was eating batt and then Kingston to Toronto 115 was much better. I did a fast charge in both directions but I just watch the km readout on the app and only charge what i need to get to my destination. Was easy and flawless experience and bluecruise was awesome. My math said I could have made it via hwy 7 from Richmond hill to Ottawa but there are no fast chargers for a very long stretch on hw7 so I chose not to chance the guessometer and make sure I had plenty to get there in the dead charger zone.

reduced ranges people are posting are very real at higher speeds in a blunt nosed truck, I am not sure "yet" what the optimum max speed is but seems like over 100 km speed is max for not losing range so you have to balance range vs charge time which is better 30 min charge or slow down and maybe make your trip without a charge stop, if you have to stop regardless then I choose more speed.

Tesla's are ripping by me guess better aero makes less loss at speeds.
Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. It's helping me figure out my optimization. I agree that 100 km per hour, plus or minus 10 km per hour seems to be the sweet spot for good hwy mileage. With that said, for my highway trips I'm probably going to continue doing 120+, provided there's always a charger at the other end of my trip -- but good to know if I tamp that down a bit I can improve my range. There's a trade off for sure.
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