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Anyone installed Decked drawers

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I'm thinking of installing Decked Drawers and a canopy on my newly acquired Lightning. Anyone have experience with Decked drawers and the Pro-Power plugs in the bed. Are the plugs still reasonably accessible once the drawers are installed?

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I have a Decked system on my 2021 F-150 6.5 bed ICE with Pro Power. I also have a Leer Canopy. The Decked system is awesome and they make a version for Ford trucks so that you can access the bed outlets. Given the smaller bed size, I will likely not do the same thing to my new Lightning…..that arrives today!
Very exciting news that you're getting your Lightning today @Steve G! Weclome to the forum! Keep us posted with how delivery goes! Are you going to add anything to the bed or leave it the way it is?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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