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Anyone Else Have Their Window Sticker Deleted

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My Truck was scheduled for production the week of Jan 29th. A few days later it showed built and the window sticker was available. Almost the next day it was shown as back in production and that the window sticker hadn't been created yet?
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I had the same thing happen to me. Blend date was supposed to be mid January and a week later my status went from Built back to in production. Both Ford chat and my dealer told me I was on chip hold. My window sticker went away for a week or so as well. However, fear not. My truck shipped on Feb 2 and it was delivered to my dealer here in Austin Tx on Feb 15. The Ford updates are very out of date and few and far betwee. Your dealer should be able to give you an accurate update, even if it’s an infuriating “chip hold”.
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