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Hey everyone,

Incredibly surprised to have had a chance to order during Wave 3. I went with the Lariat + 511A package. I'm having the spray in bed liner done locally as to not delay delivery, as I've heard having this done "at the factory" (which really happens off-site) is an issue causing delays with the F150 line right now. I'm a fan of the cargo rails you can install for strapping down cargo (and would like to install with the fresh liner). Does anyone know if there would be any issues specific to the lightning due to the battery, motor, or bed outlet placement/wiring? I've been unable to find any drawings to indicate yes/no.

Also, this is my first F150, so if anyone has recommendations, I'm all ears!

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Probably not. They would have to be mounted above the Pro Power Onboard but I think the mounting used for current Powerboost Hybrids should be fine.
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