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another 'strange' EMAIL from FORD, just now.... : /

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I don't even really know WHAT this means, who it is FOR, or why they would send something so 'generic' -
it's funny that I would even receive THIS email, as I've received not a SINGLE email from them since I ordered
back on Jan 6th... strange.

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F-150 Lightning Production Update
Hello, future F-150® LightningTM owner!
Some of our early order wave customers were sent an automated email regarding the scheduling of their vehicle. We are sorry for any confusion, but we are on track for customer deliveries to begin in the spring 2022.
Production windows for your specific vehicle will be shared soon and will depend on what series/options you selected. We appreciate your patience and are so excited to deliver your Lightning truck as soon as we can.
Please feel free to visit our F-150 Lightning support page to get the latest answers to your most frequently asked questions.
F-150 Lightning Frequently Asked Questions
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Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center (CRC)
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126
All Rights Reserved.
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I got this email titled: "An important update about F-150 Lightning Production" today @ 12:01, nothing before for weeks? I had to come here and find that I wasn't the only one. I did log in to my account immediately and to my surprise I had a scheduled production date now: 6-20 :) So, that made my day. I'm in agreeance that Ford either needs to fire whoever is in charge of these emails, or just STOP. It's ridiculous to be making these mistakes. If they can't control their PR emails, how can they build vehicles,, geeze.
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Hi, new guy here. Yesterday I got an even stranger email from a named person purportedly with a Ford CRM (customer relationship manager) acount, forddirectcrm.com . It was titled “150 Lightning Option Selection” and basically asked me to reply with which configuration I want. It also had clickable links to opt out of future messages and one other choice. It was written in awkward English and had at least one mistake in the configuration list … Package 312A was shown as two different configs. The whole thing screamed of phishing. Does Ford sell our email or has FordPass been hacked? We own another late model Ford.
Phishing is my guess. I wouldn't put hacking past a possibility with how jacked up all the emails have been :(
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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