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Went shopping yesterday (I live in a rural area) and one town didn't have what I needed so I headed to another town. I've had trouble getting my truck turned off. Maybe the switch is bouncing and turns it back on. Anyway it was on as we had ice cream. Headed to the next town seemingly with enough fuel to make it home. Got where we were going, found what we needed, and had 52 miles left on the GOM. OK, 35 miles to home. Decided to buy a little juice. Five different charging stations in that town would not work and the plugs kept getting stuck in the truck.

So, ready to leave for home at 50 mile range. It's 9:45 PM so I decided to drive 40 mph all the way home, almost an hour. Arrived home with 41 miles traveled (she misread the distance home) and 23 mile range indicated. 2.9 mi/kwh. So by going 40 mph, the 50 mile range turned into 64 miles (41 traveled plus 23 left). I was very pleasantly surprised. I would not have started home 41 miles with only 50 mile range indicated but I'm learning.
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