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Should i add an aftermarket moonroof to my SR Lariat?

After market moonroof

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This my first truck. Im coming from 7 years of different minivans (which im not afraid to admit). Loved how practical they are. Now im super excited to go into my new F150 that should be deliverd by end of Sept. Butttttt... really disappointed that my SR Lariat does not have a moonroof! My Siennas and Pacifica had really nice panaramic ones. Im not super into fancy details but that was someting i really enjoyed. So now im considering adding a moonroof to my Lariat as soon as i get it. 😬😬😬. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe even what that might cost me? Im guessing it could also add some value to it once i sell. No?
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I was speaking to my Ford Dealer about this exact thing during my test drive! They didn’t recommend an after market moonroof as every vehicle they have received from a trade in has leaked. However, they did recommend getting an aftermarket sliding rear window that you can only get in a Lariat model or higher. I’d be interested to add a moonroof to my XLT if anyone can guarantee no leaks
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I LOVE panoramic sunroofs, just my wife's KIA PHEV's...but also the Lariat ER I test drove, but after getting my PRO, it's no longer a real desire, and certainly NOT something after-market... that's just a diaster waiting to happen.
I test drove a Lariat ER with moonroof, it’s nice but I made sure to drive with it open and also with the shade closed and the trucks gets enough light from the other windows it’s a non factor. Also, the distance from the top of the front wind shield to the moonroof is pretty far so unless you look directly up you don’t even see the monnroof during normal driving conditions. If you wanted to look up at the stars just grab a blanket and hop in the bed :)
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