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After Applying Settings in F-150 Settings and Saving - They eventually revert to Defaults

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I wanted to post to see if anyone else is noticing that if you change default settings on the Settings in the -15” display in the truck and save them, the changed settings seem to get lost and revert to their original. Has anyone else noticed this?

Examples of settings changes that do not get retained after changing:

  1. It happens in the “Ford Assistant“ module - I have setup “listen for wake word” and “advanced mode” a number of times and it seems to randomly revert back to factory defaults.
  2. It happens in ”General > Clock” - I prefer the “24-Hour Mode” and I have set it to use that several times but it randomly reverts to standard 12 hour clock mode.


  3. In the “Driver Assistance > Rear View Camera Delay” - I have set this to ”On” several times but it reverts to “off” randomly.
I will give the link to this post to one of my contacts at Ford but wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing similar issues with default settings just randomly coming back after you have changed them.

Let me know, thanks!
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One issue I have is that when I use precabin or start vehicle remotely, it defaults back to guest profile and doesn't stay on saved profile. Almost every time. 🤷‍♂️
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