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ADM/No-ADM Dealers (the naughty and nice list)

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I'll be modifying this list based on information from various sources. I've started off the Lightning sub-forum from the F-150 Gen14 Forum. Please reply below if you have information on dealers not listed.
Note: X-plan will not be available for 2022 Lightnings. We don't know about future years (X-Plan Pricing (Ford Partner))

No ADM/ADM Dealer List:

Stivers Ford in Birmingham - no ADM
Mullinax Nationwide (Alabama, Florida, Washington) - No ADM, No Dealer Fees.*
Town & Country Ford - No ADM at either location, Pell City or Bessemer.



Autonation Ford Scottsdale Arizona…..$10,000 ADM
Bell Ford in Phoenix - No ADM
Chapman ford off the 101: No ADM but added dealer fluff 1800 desert package... nitrogen air tires and ceramic coating and something else.
Earnhardt Ford, Chandler - No ADM on pre orders. ADM added on trucks that make it on the lot from customer backing out on delivery. No tint or added fluff.
Earnhardt Ford Mesa - No ADM, will honor x-plan if offered.
Jim Click Ford in Tucson - No ADM, "Dealer adds"
Robert Horne Apache Junction: No ADM on pre orders. 2.2k fluff added with tint, security tracking device (like a lo jack) , paint film, bedliner.
San Tan Ford, Phoenix - No ADM , dealer is adding Desert Protection Package includes window tint with a 3 year warranty, Nitrogen filled tires with a 1 year tire warranty and Door Edge Guards for $1299.


- Clean Fuel Rewards $750 as of Nov 1st
Aaron ford of Poway in San Diego: $10K ADM on in-stock trucks
Advantage Ford in Duarte - ADM added: $4000 over MSRP
Airport Marina Ford in L.A, "we expect the ADM to be $2000.00 when orders open up"
Autonation Torrance - No ADM
Autonation Ford in Valencia CA is not charging ADM for reservation orders.
Big Valley Ford, Stockton, Ca.. Sells at MSRP, no ADM
Cerritos - No ADM
Chino Hills Ford - ADM added: MSRP + $10,000, plus $1500 deposit and $1700 delivery charge
Citrus Ford in San Bernardino - MSRP
Downtown Ford in Sacramento - no ADM on customer orders. They had no upsell items added either.
Elk Grove Ford - No ADM
Encinitas Ford - No ADM
Fiesta Ford in Indio - No ADM
Folsom Ford in Folsom - No ADM for local customers. Update: Forum member spoke with Internet sales and he stated "we just want to be up front with customers that we will charge an additional markup if and when additional units become available".
Folsom Lake Ford in Sacramento - No ADM for customers within 30 miles
Ford of Upland - No ADM for pre-ordered vehicles
Ford Store in Morgan Hill - No ADM, would honor X-Plan pricing.
Ford of Downtown Sacramento - No ADM
Ford Store in San Leandro - No ADM update 12/19/21: The Ford Store in San Leandro now adds $2000 ADM
Fritts Ford - No ADM Update: ADM added: $5000 over MSRP
Future Ford of Clovis - ADM added
Future Ford of Roseville Ca. $20,000 ADM on in stock truck
Harrold Ford in Sacramento - ADM Added
Hansel Ford in Petaluma and Santa Rosa CA- $7K ADM for reservation orders, $20K for non-reservations
Hemborg Ford in Corona, CA - charging MSRP but adding Lojack and paint protectors
Harrold Ford in Sacramento. They are adding $15,000 to MSRP even after speaking with Ford corporate.
Hemborg Ford, Norco, California = No Dealer Additional Markup.
Heritage Ford in Modesto - ADM Added: MSRP + $20,000
Huntington Beach Ford - ADM Added
Kearney Mesa Ford in San Diego - No ADM
Ken Grody Ford in Buena Park:
  • No ADM on an order vehicle.;)
  • X Plan is honored for an ordered vehicle only - lot / stock Lightning are excluded :D
  • CA Clean Fuel Rewards honored at time of sale ($1500 discount for California residents).
Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande - No ADM
North County Ford - No ADM
Perry Ford Mazda of Santa Barbara, CA salesperson says no markup if reservation order system used.
Puente Hills Ford - ADM Added - MSRP plus $10K. Now no ADM but "negotiable" add on accessories for every car they sell for a few items (5 years interior protection, alarm, theft protection code, ding defender protective strip) for $2800.
Raceway Ford will is charging a mark-up of $6,000 for Pro & XLT trims, and a $10,000 for Lariat & Platinum models.
Ron DuPratt Ford - No ADM
Salinas Valley Ford - No ADM
Santa Margarita Ford in SoCal - No ADM on orders
Serramonte Ford - No ADM and honors X-plan. Participates in the Clean Fuel Reward
South Bay Ford - Wouldn't commit to no-adm, no pricing
Star Ford, Glendale CA. No mark up on order
Towne Ford in Redwood City - No ADM
Tuttle Click Capistrano Ford said that they are planning on selling F-150 Lightnings at MSRP; No ADM.
Tuttle-Click Ford, Irvine - ADM Added
"... management staff has decided to have a $10,000 over MSRP Adm on ALL Ford F-150 Lightnings...this is strictly due to the lack of allocation Ford has allowed us and the expected demand for the vehicle."
Towne Ford in Redwood City - No ADM
Vista Ford in Woodland Hills - ADM added
Woodland Ford -ADM added: MSRP + $10,000

Alpine Ford in Colorado is apparently put a $17,000 markup on a Lightning
Castle Rock Ford, CO - EV certified Selling at MSRP; Dealer fees are D&H = $699 + Title fees and taxes in your area; $1,500 refundable deposit
Durango Motors in Durango - no ADM
Groove Ford - No ADM
Interstate Ford - No ADM, does not honor X-Plan, requires a $500 deposit for any order, and it is refundable
Larry Miller Ford - No ADM
Loveland Ford - No ADM.
Mike Maroone Ford - no ADM
Schomp Ford, Aurora - verbal agreement to sell Bronco at MSRP, added $5000 ADM upon delivery.

Ford of Branford (CT), no- ADM on orders. Great experience from this dealer.
Columbia Ford in Columbia - ADM added: 30% over MSRP
Gengras Ford - $2000 above MSRP
Hammonasset Ford in Madison CT. $5K ADM on in-stock Standard range, $10K on in-stock extended range.
Hoffman Ford - No ADM, will honor x plan
Monaco Ford - Glastonbury - No ADM
Shaker Family Ford - ADM added
Stevens Ford in Milford, Connecticut states $2500 adm on Ford checkout. Called to reveal ADM is $7500. Salesman said ADM was non-negotiable.
Tasca Ford. Berlin - No ADM, no x plan Update: ADM added: MSRP + $5000
Torrington Ford - No ADM, no x plan

Porter Ford in Newark - ADM added: MSRP + $5,000

Auto Nation Ford - Jacksonville "The Lightning will be sold at MSRP to reservation holders! Our dealer fee is $799.
Bozard Ford, St Augustine, FL charges $899 dealer fee period!
Brandon Ford - Tampa, Per Internet Sales Manager Jim Gordon on 11/1/21: "The Lightning will be sold at MSRP to reservation holders! Our dealer fee is $1295 and $108 doc fee. We are not requiring a deposit at this time."
Coggin Ford , Jacksonville - NO ADM, Dealer fee is $990.
Gary Yeoman’s Ford Daytona Beach, FL, their markup for the Maverick hybrid was $2995 but salesman said it could go as high as $10K depending on vehicle.
Greenway Ford, Orlando - No ADM
Greico Ford of Delray Beach FL Advertised a 2022 Lightning Pro online for 46K. I inquired about it and got a response back that the actual price is 90K
Mullinax Nationwide (Alabama, Florida, Washington) - No ADM, No Dealer Fees.*
Mullinax Ford, Apopka - NOT adding ADM on any Lightnings ordered. They WILL add ADM if someone backs out of their order
Mullinax Ford, Kissimmee - Per Noah Raines on 11/1/21: "We haven't made a final determination for lightning pricing ... we are pricing bronco reservations as well as mach e and mavericks at msrp." "We are not requiring an additional deposit for any orders."
Peacock Ford in Orlando - No ADM - Update: across the board $5k mark up.
Sarasota Ford - ADM added: MSRP + $5,000
Sun State Ford - Orlando MSRP + $3,000 market adjustment + $495 dealer fee, per Stacey Jamieson
Tropical Ford - Orlando MSRP +$599 dealer fee, per Alexandra Herrero

Athens Ford - Athens, GA, per Jamison Johnson all Lightnings will be MSRP
JC Lewis Ford in Savannah, GA has guaranteed MSRP.
Jefferson Motor Company, Jefferson, GA, MSRP on orders, they will mark up non-orders
Metter Ford in Metter, GA has also guaranteed MSRP.
Jim Tidwell Ford in Kennesaw - No ADM on orders, high ADM on lot sales

Cutter Ford: at least 10K and could be $25K
Honolulu Ford: at least a $10K markup
Valley Isle Motors Ltd - ADM added: MSRP + $10,000
Windward Ford: $2200 ADM

Lithia Ford in Boise - No ADM

Anderson Rock River Ford in Rockford - No ADM, won't honor X-Plan
Currie Ford in Mokena - No ADM plus $500 online order deposit.
Fox Ford in Chicago - No ADM
Packey Webb in Downers Grove Illinois said at this time there was no plans to charge xtra
Weber Ford in Granite City, Illinois is No ADM, selling at MSRP.
Wickstrom Ford, Barrington, IL - No ADM, Won't honor X-Plan

Art Hill Ford in Merrillville - ADM added
Brad Howell Ford in Kokomo - No ADM
Expressway Ford in Mt. Vernon - No ADM
Inskeep Ford in Greenfield - No ADM
Lochmandy Group - No ADM

Dewey Ford in Ankeny IA - $5000 ADM
Granger of IA - No ADM, $1000 off invoice.

Mel Hambelton Ford in Wichita - No ADM
Mike Carpino Ford in Kansas is at MSRP.
Zeck Ford in Lansing - No ADM, $500 deposit.

Frankfort Ford (Formerly Crossroads Ford) - ADM Added: MSRP + $3,000
Pennyrile Ford in Hopskinville, KY -- charging MSRP. Great small dealership.

Banner Ford - No ADM
Bohn Ford in Harvey - ADM added: MSRP + $5,000
Lamarque Ford in Kenner - ADM added: MSRP + $5,000 AND +$2,500 if you want to be prioritized
South Bay Ford - No ADM

Acton Ford - No ADM, $239 doc fee
Townsend Ford - No ADM.

Apple Ford in Columbia - no ADM on orders, per sales manager. ADM will be added to stock on hand.
Bob Bell Ford - ADM Added
Frederick Motor Company, Frederick - No ADM
Koons Ford in Annapolis - MSRP + $500 (note: this is a standard dealer fee on all of their vehicle sales)
Koons Ford Baltimore - No ADM
Koons Ford Silver Spring - no dealer markups on orders beyond their standard $500 dealer fee found on every contract, per Narh Cantenor, ADM on in stock or FCTP
Leonardtown Ford - No ADM
Lexington Park Ford in Lexington Park Maryland. No ADM, MSRP only.
Lindsay Ford in Wheaton - ADM added: MSRP + $15,000
Pittsville Ford Pittsville MD. NO ADM on lightning orders
Preston Ford - Hurlock Maryland. No ADM
Prince Frederick Ford in Prince Frederick, Maryland Sales Mgr. confirmed via phone no ADM for pre-ordered trucks.
Sheehy Ford in Gaithersburg - No ADM
DARCARS in Lanham - ADM added: 2% dealer fee on top of MSRP.

Balise will be selling at MSRP.
Colonial has a $10k market adjustment.
Fall River Ford, Fall River Ma $5,000 ADM
Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough - ADM Added (based on supply and demand)
Ira Ford Auburn - NO ADM, No crazy pressure in the financing office, did offer a list of add ons. Salesman was super helpful and knowledgeable about EVs, the truck, Ford EV plans for the dealership, etc. No buying contract to block flipping. Took care of factory paint blemishes no questions asked. Unwilling to waive a $400+ doc fee.
Jack Madden Ford - ADM added: MSRP + $2500 Update: No ADM
Jannell has a $5k hike
Marcotte Ford, Holyoke MA. no ADM, no markups, no shenanigans, and no crazy document fees.
Rodman Ford - $5,000 markup
Tasca Ford, Seekonk - ADM added: MSRP + $5000
Wareham Ford - ADM added: MSRP + $1000 Update: MSRP + $3000

Bill Brown Ford in Livonia - No ADM, Accepts AZ plan
Cole Ford Lincoln, Goldwater, MI - charging $10K ADM on Mavericks!
Dean Sellars Ford, Tory, MI - No ADM
Fernelius Ford in Cheboygan, Michigan -- No ADM
Lasco in Fenton - Does not respond to requests for communication in regards to ADM
Preferred Ford in Grand Haven - No ADM, no dealer fluff! Doc Fee of $230
Southgate Ford, Southgate - No ADM or doc fees
Village Ford in Dearborn - No ADM. They do have a $200 processing/doc fee

Apple Valley Ford - No ADM
Apple Ford Lincoln in Apple Valley - No ADM
AutoNation in White Bear Lake - ADM added: MSRP + $5,000
CornerStone Ford in Elk River - no ADM
Granger Ford, Twin Cities - No ADM/Below Invoice
Harrison Ford of Mankato MN added no ADM
Lundgren Ford in Eveleth - No ADM
Midway Ford in Roseville/Saint Paul - No ADM
Morrie's Minnetonka Ford in MN says they're selling at MSRP.
North Country Ford in **** Rapids - ADM added: MRSP + $5000
Northstar Ford in Duluth - the mannequin just arrived and a salesman told me it would be sold with a $20k-$30k ADM. Said they have heard of some crazy dealer markups out there but they usually come in lower lol. Supposedly custom orders have no ADM “at this time, but no guarantees.”

Butch Oustalet Gulfport, MS: MSRP plus dealer fee just under $400

Corwin Ford in Springfield - No ADM and will honor X-plan
Frank Fletcher Ford in Missouri asked $5,000 over MSRP.
Suntrup Ford in St Louis - No ADM and will honor X-Plan

Kendall Ford in Bozeman MT -- No ADM

Anderson Ford in Lincoln, Nebraska - No mark up on retail orders. $299 admin fee on all transactions.

Corwin Ford - $20k ADM over on a $48k Mustang Mach-e
Capital Ford - No ADM
Ford Country in Henderson - No ADM, 0% financing on the extended warranty.
Ken Graff Ford - No ADM

Autofair Ford - will give you an ok order discount (invoice - 1.25% MSRP by my calculations), but the dealer fees are high ($825 - including some b.s. consumer protection fee no-one else seems to be charging in NH).
Best Ford - ADM Added.
Lebanon Ford - No ADM, $299 dealer fee
Portsmouth Ford - No ADM, No dealer fees

All American Ford Paramus - No ADM Update: MSRP + $5000, will not honor X plan
Chapman Ford in Egg Harbor Township, NJ - no ADM
Ditschman Flemington Ford Lincoln - No ADM
Family Ford Netcong NJ Wanted 4k over the MSRP
George Wall Ford Lincoln in Red Bank NJ - High ADM
Holman Ford in Maple Shade - No ADM
Holman Ford in Turnersville - No ADM
Mahwah Ford - No ADM and yes Xplan if ford allows.
Medford Ford in Medford - ADM added: MSRP + $3000
Miller Ford, Lumberton NJ - No ADM
Performance Ford in Randolph NJ - $5k ADM.
Tom's Ford - No ADM Update: MSRP + $5000, will honor X-Plan
Woodbridge Ford - No ADM Update: ADM added: MSRP + $5000 (or more)
Wayne Ford - No ADM

Power Ford in Albuquerque - No ADM but adds about 2k in tint and tire protection.
Rich Ford in Albuquerque - No ADM but adds about 2k in tint and tire protection.
Don Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho New Mexico MSRP and no add ons is

Beiner Ford - No ADM, $1000 dealer fee
Burdick Ford in Central Square - No ADM
Crown Ford Lynbrook NY $3,500 ADM orders already place. The rest will be $5,000.
DANA Ford in Staten Island - No ADM
Ferrario Ford in Elmira - great to work with and MSRP
Ford and Lincoln of Smithtown: Can either place a normal order and it could be anytime this coming year or in 2023. Or for 10% above MSRP they will prioritize your order and get it sooner.
Friendly Ford of Poughkeepsie, NY. They charge NO ADM and sell at MSRP. Bobby 845-462-1900 is the Order sale rep.
Hasset Ford of Wantagh - ADM Added: MSRP + $2,000 ADM (their strange reasoning was, due to the chip shortage they need to make some profit).
Levittown Ford - No ADM Update: ADM Added
Metro Ford in Niskayuna - No ADM
Otis Ford in Quogue - ADM added: MASRP + 10%
Parkway Ford in Winston: MSRP, no Surface Protection fee, which Crossroads was charging.
Ramp Ford in Port Jefferson - ADM added: MSRP +$7,500
Riverhead Ford: $10K ADM
Royal Ford of Owego - ADM added
Smithtown Ford - ADM added
Steven's Ford in Patchogue - ADM added: MSRP + 5%
Saville Ford - ADM Added
Van Bortel Ford, Rochester - No ADM, and they will honor X-Plan
West Herr in Amherst - No ADM, selling at MSRP

Asheville Ford “upcharge due to high cost of being an EV dealer”
Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem, NC - No ADM.
Capital Ford of Charlotte - No ADM
Capital Ford in Raleigh - No ADM
Classic Ford in Smithfield NC: Over MSRP
Colninger Ford - Morganton, NC ADM $10,000.00
Crossroads Ford in Indian Trail - no ADM and $1K order deposit
Crossroads Ford of Wake Forest: "there will most likely be a market adjustment value above MSRP on any order"
Huntersville Ford - ADM added (unspecified)
Keith Hawthorne Ford in Belmont - ADM Added: MSRP + $10K, requires a $1,000 deposit
Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem - No ADM
Town and Country Ford in Charlotte - ADM added: MSRP + $10k



Al Spitzer Ford, Cuyahoga Falls: NO ADM
Autonation Ford Amherst in Amherst, OH. MSRP and no ADM
Byers in Delaware is honoring msrp
Coughlin in Pataskala - MSRP
Germain Ford in Columbus - No ADM
Lebanon Ford in Lebanon, Ohio - No ADM on orders but ADM on any in stock vehicles or declined orders when they arrive
Mike Bass, Sheffield OH - $20K ADM on FCTP and in stock
Nourse Ford, Chillicothe, OH - $15,000 ADM
Sarchione Ford Lincoln in Alliance - No ADM on orders. Stock units may have ADM based on market demand. They will be requiring a $500 deposit which I believe is refundable.

Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa, Oklahoma: No ADM, outside of doc fee
Greg Darnell Ford in Midwest City - No ADM
Wild West Ford, Guymon, OK - extra 5k ADM

Markville Ford in Markham Ontario Canada sales associate "Johnny" says $30K ADM expected, although he's not responsible for pricing. 90 reservations, 8 allocations for 2022, no trucks delivered to date.

Crater Lake Ford has guaranteed no ADM
Damerow Ford in Beaverton - No ADM. Will honor x plan if available. - Update: Now asking $7K ADM.
Gresham Ford in Gresham - No ADM, Will NOT honor x plan.
Landmark Ford in Beaverton - ADM added: MSRP + $1990
Mock Ford in Grants Pass Oregon - $8000 over MSRP, and they are pretty smug about it.
Newborg Ford in Newborg - ADM added: MSRP + $6000
Roberson Ford in Albany - ADM added, said based on the demand they can and will
Skyline Ford in Salem - No ADM. Their sales manager is also getting on the preferred EV list for the state allowing state rebates to be taken off purchase price. Update: 10K dealer markup
Tonkin Ford in Hillsboro, OR - MSRP

Barber Ford in Hazelton - No ADM
Bedford Ford in Bedford, PA: adding 5K to MSRP
Chapman Ford in Horsham PA - Might be worth the drive. They have a solid reputation on the Bronco board. 3% under invoice
Family Ford in Carlisle PA, no ADM
Fred Beans Ford in Langhorne PA: adding 5k to MSRP
Garnet Ford in Glen Mills, PA is selling the Lightning at MSRP.
Haldeman Ford, Allentown, PA, NO markup for reservation holders
Koch 33 Ford in Easton - No ADM
Shults Ford Harmarville, PA. They will sell at MSRP with no add ons
Williams Ford in Athens/Sayre - No ADM



Conway Ford in Conway SC - $10K ADM
Dick Smith Ford of Columbia - No ADM - MSRP plus $448 doc fee. No other fees, or mandatory accessory packages.
Jim Hudson Ford, Lexington, SC - $20,000 ADM (but if you complain will drop it to $10,000)
OC Welch Ford in Hardeeville, South Carolina -- ADM but amount not set yet

Sioux Falls Ford, Sioux Falls, SD is selling for MSRP with no ADM

Bates Ford in Lebanon - No ADM
Bob Bowers Ford - No ADM
Lance Cunningham Ford - Knoxville, TN - $3k ADM
Newton Ford South in Shelbyville - ADM added: MSRP + $2000

AutoNation Ford in Fort Worth - No ADM but are requiring window tint and spray-in bedliner
AutoNation Ford in Frisco - No ADM, Titling + Registration Fee of $350
AutoNation Ford in Houston - No ADM or extra fees
AutoNation Ford in Katy - No ADM or extr afees
Bluebonnet Ford in New Braunfels - No ADM
Bob Tomes Ford in McKinney, TX. - No Markup or ADM
Casa ford in El Paso - ADM Added
Covert Ford in Austin - ADM added
Friendly Ford in Crosby (East Houston) - No ADM
Griffith Ford in San Marcos - ADM Added
Gullo Ford in Conroe, Texas - No ADM or extra fees
Johnson brothers in Temple - ADM added: MSRP + $10,000
Leif Johnson Ford in Austin - No ADM
Maxwell Ford in Austin - No ADM
Northside Ford in San Antonio, $10k ADM.
Planet Ford in Dallas - ADM Added
Randall Reed's Planet Ford - Humble,TX (Houston) No ADM. Just MSRP
Pruitt Ford in Burkburnett - No ADM and no down payment required when ordering
Randall Reed's Planet Ford - Humble,TX (Houston) - No ADM
Red McCombs in San Antonio - No ADM
Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford in Carrollton - No ADM and no dealer fee
1. Tomball Ford in Tomball (Houston) Texas - Added Markup of between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the model and delivery time. They also said they are prioritizing orders on a point system based on how many vehicles you have purchased from them previously.
2. Tomball Ford in Texas - No ADM on order. Incredible experience overall with Tim Fowler.
TriState Ford in Amarillo $10k ADM

Ken Graff Ford - ADM Added
Larry H Miller Ford in Provo, UT - ADM Added

Heritage Ford in Burlington - No ADM - Update Jan. 7: $15,000 ADM for 2022 at least
McGee Ford of Montpelier - selling at MSRP

Bowditch Ford in Newport News, Virginia: No dealer markup on ordered units. If/when X-plan is available, it will be honored on ordered units.
Battlefield Ford in Culpeper VA - MSRP on orders, ADM on in stock
Cavalier Ford Lincoln. No ADM if you order a vehicle
Jerry's Leesburg Ford Virginia - ADM Added: MSRP + $10,000
Koons Ford Falls Church: $30K "market adjustment" to be among the first 25 orders, $10K "market adjustment" for all others, no plan pricing.
Koons Ford, Sterling Virginia honors MSRP, No ADM
Malloy Ford in Winchester, VA will sell all vehicle orders at MSRP. They only markup if it sits on the lot for sale.
Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg - No ADM
Sheehy Ford of Springfield, VA, $15,000 ADM on all Lightnings on the lot

WASHINGTON (standard $150 doc fee)
Bowen Scarff in Kent - No ADM
Evergreen in Issaquah -No ADM
Frontier Ford in Anacortes - No ADM
Fugate Ford in Enumclaw - No ADM
Ford of Moses Lake - +15K ADM
Harris Ford - No ADM, Deposit of $500 required
Mullinax Nationwide (Alabama, Florida, Washington) - No ADM, No Dealer Fees.*
Pat Armstrong Ford in Wenatchee - No ADM
Pierre Ford in Seattle - No ADM, no extra fees, $100 deposit required on ordering
Vancouver Ford - Based on market conditions
Bickford Ford in Snohomish WA will be selling at MSRP.



Eric Von Schledorn Ford, Random Lake, WI - No ADM
Fillback Ford , no ADM nor dealer installed options without customer request. Locations in Richland Center, Prairie du Chien, and Boscobel Wisconsin
Gordie Boucher Ford, Janesville, WI - no ADM
Lake Auto Group in Milwaukee - No ADM, plus $500.00 Deposit


*Mullinax Nationwide (Alabama, Florida, Washington)
- see post here (from Mullinax):
1) No ADM (Additional Dealer Markup) on any Bronco
2) No Dealer Fees. PERIOD. Most dealers will hide these fees until the end. Don't be tricked. At Mullinax Ford, you will only pay state regulated sales taxes and tag/registration fees. Tax and Tag - Nothing More!
3) We will happily accept any A-X-Z-D Plan customer.
4) We are a one price dealer group. With our "Low Upfront Pricing" we monitor the competitive marketplace and strive to offer ALL our customers on ANY vehicle the BEST PRICE FIRST. With that said, we are monitoring the Bronco market closely and will offer discounts off MSRP as market conditions require us to remain competitive. At this time, Ford is not building or shipping Bronco yet so our discount may be greater at time of delivery if the marketplace dictates. You will get a GREAT DEAL at MULLINAX!
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Power Ford in New Mexico, while honoring MSRP, adds about 2k in tint and tire protection.

So does Rich Ford.

The only one I found around Albuquerque that is MSRP and no add ons is Don Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho New Mexico
  • Yes, we are an EV certified dealership.
  • We have no mark up on the Ford Lightings. The price of the vehicle will be MSRP +TTL.
  • Our dealer doc fee is $289.99.
  • At this time our general manager is waiting to hear more information from Ford regarding the amount of allocations Chalmers will received to finalize the deposit on the Lighting. As soon as I know more I can let you know.
  • I hope this helps, happy holidays!

Jocelyn Hernandez (She/Her)
Lighting Concierge
2500 Rio Rancho Blvd Dr. SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

(I am not affiliated with any dealership, this is just from my research. If this dealership suddenly changes from this I will change to another dealership. I’m very against mark up on a vehicle I’ve preordered).
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Add Classic Ford in Smithfield NC to the Over MSRP list
Reaching out to the GM at Garnet Ford in PA about this; totally forgot to beforehand. May need to switch reservation up to the Horsham dealer if it comes down to it.
No ADM, outside of doc fee, for Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Some Arizona Phoenix/Mesa area dealerships

Earnhardt Ford chandler

after multiple phone calls to confirm... no adm on pre orders there will be adm on trucks that make it on the lot from customer backing out on delivery. No tint or added fluff. 7.8 percent tax rate. Tax title doc fee.

Around 350 reservations

Robert horne apache junction.

No adm on pre orders. Adm on non preorders. 2.2k fluff added with tint, security tracking device (like a lo jack) , paint film, bedlinner. When asked about the security part of the dealer package I was told they aren't sure if they will make it required due to the possibilty that somthing like it is installed in the truck already.

Wouldn't tell me how many reservations

9. Somthing tax rate

Chapman ford off the 101

No adm but added dealer fluff 1800 desert package... nitrogen air tires and ceramic coating and somthing else.

In the low 8. Tax rate

Wouldn't tell me how many reservations
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Nice work.

I totally understand added ADM on non preorders, the truck is rare and in demand. I don’t agree with ADM at all on preorders.
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Bowditch Ford
Newport News, Virginia

No dealer markup on ordered units. If/when X-plan is available, it will be honored on ordered units.
@ChasingCoral -
Back on 11/18, Tuttle Click Capistrano Ford said that they are planning on selling F-150 Lightnings at MSRP; No ADM.
Confirmed that Garnet Ford in Glen Mills, PA is selling the Lightning at MSRP.
Fred Beans Ford in Langhorne PA called me to confirm they are adding 5k to MSRP. I was one of the first reservations they received (did it within hours of reservations opening). Stated they have over 300 reservations and will have slots for 25 orders to start at the end of January. Not sure if that 25 is just their Langhorne location or their other locations combined.
New York
Ford and Lincoln of Smithtown

Direct quote from email:
"Yes we just received info on the lightning. Roughly 80,000 will be built thru 2023. IF you've been following the lightning you would know that is not much compared to all the reservations. We have a few hundred reservations but Ford is only letting us prioritize 25 of them. I can either place a normal order and it could be anytime this coming year or in 2023. Or for 10% above MSRP I can prioritize your order and get it sooner."

Basically, f them, changing reservation. Have never had a good experience with this dealer and they are very unresponsive.
New York
Riverhead Ford
Have not determined pricing yet. Will let me know when they make a decision.

:rolleyes: The search continues.
Just updated this to capture all of these. Keep them coming!
Another for the naughty list
Font Darkness Screenshot Event Monochrome photography
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30k, they are out of their damn minds.
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Another for the naughty list
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I'm not sure which dealer this is but another one is trying to pull a similar stunt with their Lightnings. The 508 area code seems like Massachusetts.

Font Parallel Screenshot Document Number
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I'm not sure which dealer this is but another one is trying to pull a similar stunt with their Lightnings. The 508 area code seems like Massachusetts.

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That's crazy. Dealers have lost their minds. I'm already having trouble processing that I'm paying sticker price. I sure am not paying over it lol
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