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Additional ADM at delivery

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Wouldn't you know, my dealership is adding an additional $10k ADM at delivery. This is crazy! Apparently the previous documents they sent weren't purchase agreements, just invoices. I have text messages that ensure that the price listed on the invoice is what I'll be paying. I even understood the $3k ADM on the order sheet after I learned you could move them, but it was too late. I explained that this was undesirable behavior from FoMoCo and they told me "Ford shouldn't think they can tell dealers what they can/can't do". I'm shocked. Looks like I potentially won't be taking delivery of this vehicle and will never purchase a Ford again after this experience. It's predatory.
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Lorenzo Ford in Homestead Florida is bad mouthing EV F150 lighting from day one
Always nice for dealers to let us know up front who to avoid.
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