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Additional ADM at delivery

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Wouldn't you know, my dealership is adding an additional $10k ADM at delivery. This is crazy! Apparently the previous documents they sent weren't purchase agreements, just invoices. I have text messages that ensure that the price listed on the invoice is what I'll be paying. I even understood the $3k ADM on the order sheet after I learned you could move them, but it was too late. I explained that this was undesirable behavior from FoMoCo and they told me "Ford shouldn't think they can tell dealers what they can/can't do". I'm shocked. Looks like I potentially won't be taking delivery of this vehicle and will never purchase a Ford again after this experience. It's predatory.
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Make no mistake about it, the dealers are pist at Ford about EVs and the new reality sales model. They can read the writing on the wall and they don't like what it says. I got that attitude bigly from the VW dealer (ID.4) being pist at VW. And, the Ford dealer has been less than enthusiastic about Lightning orders.
Lorenzo Ford in Homestead Florida is bad mouthing EV F150 lighting from day one
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