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Additional ADM at delivery

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Wouldn't you know, my dealership is adding an additional $10k ADM at delivery. This is crazy! Apparently the previous documents they sent weren't purchase agreements, just invoices. I have text messages that ensure that the price listed on the invoice is what I'll be paying. I even understood the $3k ADM on the order sheet after I learned you could move them, but it was too late. I explained that this was undesirable behavior from FoMoCo and they told me "Ford shouldn't think they can tell dealers what they can/can't do". I'm shocked. Looks like I potentially won't be taking delivery of this vehicle and will never purchase a Ford again after this experience. It's predatory.
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You have every right to be upset. But Ford corporate doesn't have control over their dealer pricing and that means the dealer can do whatever they want. It's the same with other manufacturers as well, so by this logic you won't be buying anything new with the exception of maybe a Tesla or Rivian right now.
That's what I have currently and what I'd continue to go with in the future. I know Ford is trying to separate themselves from this mess - I just didn't expect the hostile mentality from the Dealer towards Ford.
I wonder if you have some protection with bait and switch laws? This is a form of fraud, where they agreed to sell you a truck at one price, and change it at the last minute... If they were up front about it, you could have changed dealerships to another store which would have sold it to you at MSRP.
What state is this?
TN, I’ll have to look into it!
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