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Add charger to the truck's memory

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Is there a way to add my home charger to the truck memory or list of chargers? Maybe even through the fordpass app?
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Yes, once you have charged at home you can save that location. That is how you set your preferred charging limit. When the truck is at home follow the instructions for setting charging schedule and preferences found on page 214 of the manual.
That's what I thought the question was first too, but it's not. This is more related to how the navigation system handles getting home with little charge left, in my example above it would let me get home with 12% but not with 10%, it would route me to a charger 7 miles out of the way to charge from 12% to 15% to get me home.
First step is you need to have your home charger in the truck's memory. IIRC the next thing you would need to do is either adjust the setting for minimum charge allowed when you get home or just ignore it. I believe the truck is set for 10% at destination.
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