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Add charger to the truck's memory

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Is there a way to add my home charger to the truck memory or list of chargers? Maybe even through the fordpass app?
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yeah, I have the same question. My charger has been warning me the last few days that I'm out of range of the nearest charging station when I was only 20 miles from my cabin. When I selected the nearest station, it only gave the commercial stations. That's lame! I don't want this stupid alarm popping up every time I'm on my way to the ski resort.
That's what I thought the question was first too, but it's not. This is more related to how the navigation system handles getting home with little charge left, in my example above it would let me get home with 12% but not with 10%, it would route me to a charger 7 miles out of the way to charge from 12% to 15% to get me home.
@KElkhorn you're right. This is the same thing I'm seeing. Does not appear to be a way to add a charger (yours, your work's, others) to the Nav system intelligence. Add to the list of features that @Ford Motor Company needs on their software.

Does anyone know if other smarter EV software does this? I think my wife's 12 year old Leaf does this. 🤔
I don't know that you want it to add the charger to the Nav, as much as to let you go below the 10% if you are navigating to a preferred charge location.
I just want to get rid of the annoying alarm. I'll just adjust my low battery level warning setting. Still would like to see my charger show up on the nav map. I haven't messed with the Ford nav system as I use AirPlay most of the time. I think I added "Home" once. Maybe if I add "Cabin" I can associate that with a charger?
In the Ford Nav or the AirPlay Nav? I know next to nothing about Apple devices
Into the Ford app. My AirPlay already knows my home address.
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