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80 Amps Ford Charging Station

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To the folks who are taking delivery of their Lightnings in early May and opted for the Power Back Up option, has anyone taken delivery of that charger yet??
Supposedly, according to Ford, the owners should be taking delivery of those chargers.
Ford hasn't released any info on that subject lately. Any info??
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I would like to see the charger arrive couple weeks early also. WiFi configured and ready for charging. Will see.
I did not use SunRun to install my solar panels. I don't have SunRun equipment in my home. I have Enphase batteries and a Grid Switch. So....kindly SunRun cannot help me with the installation. So, I have to wait until Enphase has a patch for my system. In the meantime I am going to wire the charger as usual. Nice to have the charger installed prior to the trucks arrival at my place.
I understand. I was proactive with my Mach E. I will be proactive with my truck also. No worries. I am not complaining. I would be nice to have the equipment ahead of time and plug it in as soon as it comes home.
I am in preparations mode now.
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Got an email from Ford Canada this morning that my truck will be coming soon and a link to order the charge station pro. I went to the link and ordered the charger. Free and free shipping. Received a confirmation email saying they would notify me when it ships. I still don't have an exact build date. The current info on build is the week of June 20th. Lariat ER
That is good news. That was my understanding from the beginning of the ordering process. Once you order the truck, you have committed yourself in getting it.
My built date is June 13th. I also have a Lariat ER on order. It seems from what I have seen that the first 2 weeks of June is a huge Lariat build. Waiting for the email to schedule for the charger.
No Sun Run install where I am. The email from Ford Canada said they would ship the charger and I could have it installed by one of there installers or find someone myself, which I will do>
Maybe how is done in Canada. I like it.!!!
Don't know. From what I have read, I assumed Ford will ship the charger to the ones that have ordered the truck. I don't need SunRun. I already have solar panels and storage batteries which they came with a grid switch. Enphase is looking how to integrate the Lightning into their system. It will take some time to interphase their system with the Lightning. One proprietary system interfacing with another proprietary system. Now, I am only interested to install the 80amp circuit so I will be ready when the truck is here.
And now it is official. Ford is out of stock of the 80 amps Charge Pro station. End of June before deliveries start again.
Wanted to ask Ford?? Is the charger is made in China or in Michigan??
In the meantime, I have to stagger home base charging between my Mach E and the Lightning. Charge Point Home Flex charger don't fail me now.!!!!!!
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Have you activated the vehicle in Ford Pass?
When it is activated, go to the vehicle's charging page and activate the Ford Charging network where you may see the balance of KW available with EA. That is where I always find my balance of available KWs remaining for my Mach E.
My Lightning is going into production this week. When exactly, I don't know.
Ford customer service helped me with the process to track it. I read from someone in this forum that they were able to activate their vehicle while was parked in a nearby lot waiting for transport. He did not report any progress since then.
Now back to the additional 250KW added to the balance. Don't know when they issue the additional 250KW in your account if they mention also the issue of $500 debit card.
Call customer service. You should get an answer fairly quickly. I was able to get thru almost immediately with them. I got what I was looking for.
I was thinking about this today......is there anyone successfully using this charger at 80 amps with out amber lights, overheating, stopping/restarting charging, etc?
I read from a member that he programed his wallbox to draw 64amps instead of 80amps.
But with mine.....I still can't connect the wallbox to my WiFi. No communication, no control, no programming, no truck recognition, just a dumb charging wallbox on the wall.
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Mine worked just fine the first (2) tries. On the third and fourth try it overheated. I know where the round dip switch is, which is at factory default position, #7. I just want the other stuff to work also. Connection to the App, the WiFi and the truck.
The installation manual advices any certified electrician to use 100 amps circuit breaker.
The breaker is not popping. It is the charger that overheats. When it does that and you stand next to it, try touching the cord.
Warm, very warm and really flexible.
Yes.....it charges faster. Even the receptacle is different from other Level 2 receptacles.
You smile watching it charge faster but then you hear the overheat " CLUNK ", and you frown.:confused::confused:
Just a couple of notes from my experience with the Ford Charge Station Pro.

I did connect successfully to my home Wi-Fi through the FCSP installation app, but it took my iPhone quite a while to connect. It sat thinking for a long time. Maybe one to two minutes?

I have the FCSP connected to a 100 Amp circuit and the dip switch set to the factory position 7. My FordPass app was also left at the default 80 Amps. The first two times I used the charger it had multiple starts and stops before finally completing the charge. The charger's software version from the factory was a lot of numbers, but 64 is the key number.

In the FordPass app I set the charge rate to 64 Amps, and did not touch the dip switch. My next three or four charges were all successful with no interruptions. One note, while charging at 64 Amps there was an amber square that lit up next to the blue pulsating light that indicated it was charging at a reduced rate.

Each day I kept checking for an update to the chargers software version. I had read that the most recent is 68. About five days after installation the charger updated itself to the latest version of 68.

In the FordPass app I bumped up the charging speed to 80 Amps. I have had four successful charges at that speed since the updated software. According to my math it's charging at about 18kW. I'm seeing about 12% charge per hour. For example last night it charged for 31.5 KWH and took 1 hour and 45 minutes to do it.

The cord does get quite warm to the touch while charging, but not so hot that I can't grasp it firmly in my hand.
Although unsuccessful in connecting with my WiFi, irregardless how long I wait, I still get the warning of " not recognizing the password ".
Ford customer service said that there is a software update. But.....first I need to connect. Just got an email from Siemens. They are working it. They will get back to me soon. I always get those emails at the end of the day, so I am guessing, tomorrow afternoon I will get another one. Once I resolve the connection issue, I am hoping by what you just described to be almost smooth sailing. Will see.
Thanks for the update of the personal trials with this charger. I will report back with mine.
So.....there are others with connection issues.
Ford commissioned Siemens to built these Wallbox Chargers. Siemens designed and built them to meet Ford's specifications. Ford cannot control the use of internal components and their reliability. All these issues should had been evident/found during the testing process after the final assy. It seems to me none of it was performed. The other odd think I noticed was that Siemens used a third party vendor for assembly in the Philippines.
No test controls from that vendor??
Ford uses a lot of suppliers to deliver components that meet Ford's specifications. I am not faulting Ford for these issues that we experiencing. Siemens has a problem, which now I am waiting to be resolved by the Siemens people. I KNOW that THEY KNOW that there are issues with their chargers.
Now....will find out what they will do to resolve these issues.
In the meantime, the wallbox did work last night. From 23% to 80% in 6 hours. Outside temperature was a 68°. A cold front pushed thru my area lowering the temps by 20 deg.
More on the Siemens issue later.
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Locate 8 Star screws. Remove the caver. All electrical connections, rotary dip switch and factory reset in the upper left corner are visible. One large LED, few block connectors which are part of the main board. Which part of the board is the comm circuit, I don't know.
I am still waiting for an email from Siemens.
The only way I will guess is that either Siemens sends a mobile rep or a contracting serviceman to check it OR a replacement unit.
Will see.
The latest news folks.
Siemens E Mobility reps, ( Indian personnel with heavy accents ), are handling/bouncing my case# between each other. They ask me to do ONE thing. If the recommendation is unsuccessful, then they would call 24 hours later with another recommendation. I have to ask them to slow down and spell out their requests. Maybe today will try something else.
They think that Siemens provided the wrong access codes to my wallbox. I find that there are others with the same problem.
I think at the end, there will be a replacement unit shipped to me for an exchange.
Will see. Stay tuned. I will be informing the forum soon.
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The last 4 days things got better. Siemens send me an update to my password/access code were one letter of the code was different. Tried the updated code and managed to tie it to my WiFi net. The wallbox couldn't access the internet though. After some back and forth, the Siemens team reminded me of something that we don't even think these days. The charger can only communicate in the 2.4Ghz range. My Google WiFi mesh system which now is called Nest WiFi, is only operating with all my devices, due to the proximity of the pucks, at 5Ghz.
Repeated attempts to access the settings of my WiFi, were unsuccessful. So at this moment, I still trying to change the setting frequency or set my WiFi to look for or accept the lower frequency also.
Any ideas??
The Nest WiFi broadcasts and uses both frequencies, I think they even took away the users ability to turn one or the other off:

Then I have to get with the Siemens people again to find out what we will do next.
I did see where the Google WiFi described the freq switching as seamless between 2.4 and 5Ghz. I will report later of what is going on.
Thanks for the tip.
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Also remember that the device doing the setup (such as a your smartphone) must also be on the 2.4ghz band during the setup.
More info to know. Now how I am going to get my Pixel 6 to cooperate with 2.4Ghz.
I have to keep trying all angles.
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