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80 Amps Ford Charging Station

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To the folks who are taking delivery of their Lightnings in early May and opted for the Power Back Up option, has anyone taken delivery of that charger yet??
Supposedly, according to Ford, the owners should be taking delivery of those chargers.
Ford hasn't released any info on that subject lately. Any info??
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Ford isn’t going to just send everyone who orders a truck with the ER battery a charger worth a couple of grand. They don’t even know if you will actually buy the truck.

I think the only way to get it in advance is to schedule the installation through Sun Run.
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The charge rate for level one on all EV's I am familiar with can be toggled in the vehicle between 800w (ish) and 1200w. Most default to the lower setting to not stress the circuit. If you are using a circuit that does not have other substantial loads on it you should be able to toggle L1 charging to high and get a bit more charge out of the little 110 outlet.
Ford's Mobile Power Cord doesn't have any ability to switch power levels except by changing the pigtail: one for 110v and one for 220v.
That is correct, and I understand that the vehicle itself cannot back the power off either?
Correct. The truck will call for as much power as the charger can deliver, up to the maximum the truck can take.
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