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80 Amps Ford Charging Station

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To the folks who are taking delivery of their Lightnings in early May and opted for the Power Back Up option, has anyone taken delivery of that charger yet??
Supposedly, according to Ford, the owners should be taking delivery of those chargers.
Ford hasn't released any info on that subject lately. Any info??
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It would be really nice to have the charger installed before you drive the truck home.
Just a couple of notes from my experience with the Ford Charge Station Pro.

I did connect successfully to my home Wi-Fi through the FCSP installation app, but it took my iPhone quite a while to connect. It sat thinking for a long time. Maybe one to two minutes?

I have the FCSP connected to a 100 Amp circuit and the dip switch set to the factory position 7. My FordPass app was also left at the default 80 Amps. The first two times I used the charger it had multiple starts and stops before finally completing the charge. The charger's software version from the factory was a lot of numbers, but 64 is the key number.

In the FordPass app I set the charge rate to 64 Amps, and did not touch the dip switch. My next three or four charges were all successful with no interruptions. One note, while charging at 64 Amps there was an amber square that lit up next to the blue pulsating light that indicated it was charging at a reduced rate.

Each day I kept checking for an update to the chargers software version. I had read that the most recent is 68. About five days after installation the charger updated itself to the latest version of 68.

In the FordPass app I bumped up the charging speed to 80 Amps. I have had four successful charges at that speed since the updated software. According to my math it's charging at about 18kW. I'm seeing about 12% charge per hour. For example last night it charged for 31.5 KWH and took 1 hour and 45 minutes to do it.

The cord does get quite warm to the touch while charging, but not so hot that I can't grasp it firmly in my hand.
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I am wondering if some of the issue is the proximity of the FCSP and the electrical box?
It is natural for people to want to save money on wiring and the FCSP ends up real close to the electrical panel.

From https://help.keenetic.com/hc/en-us/...etworks-The-possible-sources-of-interference-
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, other factors can potentially affect the operation of Wi-Fi networks. For example:

  • Wireless speakers that use 2.4 or 5 GHz bands;
  • Some sources of electrical voltage (such as power lines); do not place the router with a Wi-Fi hotspot near a wall, a cove base, a wiring box, or next to an electrical panel;
  • Cables with insufficient shielding as well as coaxial cables and connectors used with some types of satellite dishes;
  • Some external monitors and LCD screens operating at 2.4 GHz;
  • Wireless cameras and other Wi-Fi devices within the range of your Wi-Fi network.

@Driller - could you comment on the configuration you have? Looking for the location and distances of your router relative to the FCSP and the path and distance from your electric panel to the FCSP. Do they cross or not or run parallel? I have read that running parallel is bad for wi-fi reception. Also curious on the height of the FCSP relative to the router?
My internet is fiber and comes in through my basement on the north side (middle) of my house. I have a Google Nest mesh network with the hub (router) in my basement near where the cable comes in. I have two other wifi points upstairs on the east and west ends of the house.

My electrical panel is upstairs and also on the north side of my house almost directly above the router in the basement. The electrician routed the cable from my electrical box up into my attic and diagonally across to my garage that is on the southwest side of my house. He installed a sub-panel there with a 100 Amp and a 50 Amp circuit at my request. The bottom of the panel is about 48 inches from the garage floor.

I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed about 6 inches below the panel and my FCSP is installed right next to the panel, about a foot away, at the same height. My internet and power cables do not cross with each other.

Sorry, without a picture for you that's the best that I can describe.
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I have found with my truck, if I try to plug in my iPhone before it connects wirelessly to Sync it will often times fail to connect.
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