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80 Amps Ford Charging Station

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To the folks who are taking delivery of their Lightnings in early May and opted for the Power Back Up option, has anyone taken delivery of that charger yet??
Supposedly, according to Ford, the owners should be taking delivery of those chargers.
Ford hasn't released any info on that subject lately. Any info??
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I thought the charger was supposed to be shipped to the customer before the truck so it could be wired and ready when the truck arrives.
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Got an email from Ford Canada this morning that my truck will be coming soon and a link to order the charge station pro. I went to the link and ordered the charger. Free and free shipping. Received a confirmation email saying they would notify me when it ships. I still don't have an exact build date. The current info on build is the week of June 20th. Lariat ER
No Sun Run install where I am. The email from Ford Canada said they would ship the charger and I could have it installed by one of there installers or find someone myself, which I will do>
1 - 3 of 72 Posts